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Does skipping dinner help in losing weight

Author: Nutratimes Garcinia
by Nutratimes Garcinia
Posted: Jul 13, 2019

If you are one in the forever expanding weight watching community, then you are probably well aware of the various popular diet plans & strategies prevalent in the industry. No matter whichever strategy you choose for weight loss, the strategy should be able to generate a negative calorie effect in your body.

To understand the correlation between fat & calorie intake you must understand a bit of simple mathematics…One pound of your body fat is equivalent to about 3500 Calories. So, if you reduce your daily calorie consumption by at least 500 calories, you can lose up to 1 pound of body fat per day. This is where skipping meals for creating calorie deficit steps in…and when it comes to skipping meals, dinner; the last meal of the day can indeed help you have slim & trim body according to research. A research paper published in The Journal of Nutrition in the year 2017 tells that skipping of dinner, the last meal of day, can help one have a lower BMI & a fat-free waistline…

There are many for whom dinner happens to be the heaviest meal of the day and thus skipping of dinner can help them avoid all the calories they need to in order to drop their excess pounds. However, skipping of dinner can only be effective if you do not load yourself up heavily with a large breakfast, large lunch or large snack. Compensating with large food portions for the dinner that you aren’t eating will only make your skipping of dinner pointless.

To keep calories in check, you need to distribute your calories evenly across the breakfast, lunch & snacks sessions. For instance, if your weight loss diet amounts to 1600 Calories in total, you’d consume 600 calories during breakfast as well as lunch and 400 calories for snacks. You can divide those 400 calories between 2 snacks (200 Calories each). In other words, skipping dinner for weight loss is a tricky thing and if you don’t do it the right way, you may see no results at all…Go through the ‘Skip dinner weight loss strategy’ guideline given below to see results within just a few days…Read on to learn more:

Eat healthy @ breakfast & lunch

When you are skipping dinner, it implies that you’ll be deprived of the nutrients of a complete meal. Thus, you need to make sure that the breakfast & lunch you eat are packed with healthy nutrients that both nourish your body as well as fill your tummy without making you go over the board with your calorie intake.

Top 5 healthy breakfast options you could consider taking are:

  1. Oats porridge made with fruits & skimmed milk
  2. Ragi idli & sambar
  3. Poha upma
  4. 2 brown bread toast & scrambled egg
  5. Dalia upma studded with veggies

Top 5 healthy lunch options you could consider taking are:

  1. Brown rice & fish curry
  2. 2 whole wheat flour Chapatti & Egg curry
  3. Brown rice, salad & peas paneer
  4. Rajma chawal (brown rice)
  5. Lemon rice (brown rice)

Snack smartly and sensibly

The time span between lunch and breakfast next morning is long enough and thus it is very difficult to avoid eating during this long span of time. Thus, snacks play a major role in your ‘skip dinner’ weight loss agenda. While taking snacks you need to make sure that you take only low calorie, fiber rich snacks which could curb your appetite significantly. The timing of snacking is a matter of your sole discretion and you could snack anytime you want. However, snacking during mid-afternoon or during the time you would have consumed your dinner normally could help you with battling with hunger. The best healthy snack options for you could be as follows:

  1. A medium sized apple + peanut butter (1 tbsp)
  2. A small sized baked potato seasoned with black pepper powder, black salt, chopped cilantro & lemon juice
  3. A bowl of mixed veggie soup + 3-4 whole wheat flour crackers
  4. 1 glass skimmed masala milk enriched with chopped nuts
  5. A plate of delicious egg salad seasoned with black pepper powder and black salt
  6. A bowl of air-popped popcorns + low fat cheese (1 ounce)
  7. A bowl of fuming hot chicken soup

Proper timing of previous meals is important

Timing of the previous meals like breakfast & lunch is important because that timing will help you fight back hunger in case you are worried about feeling hungry later. Strategic meal timing can see you through the long span of time that you won’t be eating post lunch. According to a research conducted in Pennington Biomedical Research Center consuming food between the time span of 8.00 am & 2.00 pm and observing fast for the next 18 hours is helpful for your body in terms of weight loss. During the time span between 8.00am and 2.00pm your body’s metabolic rate is at its top pace and thus whatever you eat is assimilated the best way possible by your digestive system. Thus, most of the food you consume is digested and very little is left to be converted to body fat. But beyond 2.00 pm your metabolic rate drops and chances of undigested carbs to get converted to fat are pretty high. In other words, by aligning your eating routine to your body’s biological or circadian clock, you can get the most desired weight loss results.

Who all should never opt for the ‘skip dinner’ weight loss strategy?

Although research declares that skipping dinner is one of the best weight loss strategies, there are some people who should never opt for this particular weight loss strategy…for example, if you are a diabetic who is on medications for high blood sugar/glucose, skipping of dinner is not allowed. Skipping of dinner may generate adverse responses in the body due to unwanted changes in the blood glucose levels. However, the dinner you take should be a healthy one, rich in all nutritious veggies.

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