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Tips For Maintaining Your Roof

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Jul 11, 2019
general inspection

Roofing a house is quite expensive and overwhelming and having to go through this experience twice in less than five years sure doesn't sound pleasant to the ears. Apart from the cost of hiring a Colorado Springs roofing company for repair and replacement, the task of preparing your home for roofing is exhausting and time-consuming. Maintenance is always the the best way to extend the life of your roof and save yourself the inconvenience.

Here are seven maintenance tips you should try.

1. Do a Thorough and Regular General Inspection

Homeowners are often advised to do a general inspection of their property every few months. This will help you identify areas that need repair and adjustment. When inspecting your roof, don't just look out for missing or cracked shingles, look for signs of warping, discoloration, mold, and rot. Use a hose to spray water on the roof and spot out the areas where water collects and leaks from.

2. Get Rid of Moss and Mold

If you notice patches of green moss or mold on your roof, clean it off as soon as you can. If you allow the moss to continue growing it will cause considerable damage to your roof over time. Always use a ladder while cleaning moss and avoid using a power washer to remove it as they can damage your shingles. Instead of spray a moss solution on the affected area and use a broom to clean the debris or contact a Colorado Springs roofing company if you are having a hard time doing it yourself.

3. Remove Leaves

It is better not to allow trees to grow too close to your roof. But if there is already one there, you can expect leaves to fall on your roof every week even when you have gutter guards. You need to sweep the leaves off your roof on a regular basis and if this is too much work for you then use a leaf blower to do the job.

4. Trim branches

Overhanging tree branches can gouge roofing materials when there's a strong wind. They can allow animals access to your house and puncture your shingles when they fall. The fact is, leaning or overhanging branches spell doom for your roof. Trim branches back from your roof from time to time to avoid damage. But be careful while dealing with the large branches. Always ensure you cut them into small sections for easy removal.

5. Clean the Gutters

The debris and leaves that fall on your roof can make its way into your gutters and clog them up. Cleaning your gutters at least twice every year helps to prevent blockage and allows for easy flow of water. You should also clean the entrance and exit of your downspout. Use water to flush the gutters and downspouts after cleaning to be sure that they are draining properly.

6. Repair Faulty Gutters

Your gutters and roof work together to protect your building interior. If your gutter is faulty, it will not be able to channel water away from your roof and foundation as it should. This can cause water buildup on the roof, rotting of roof parts and discoloration. If you notice that your gutters are clogged, damaged or not properly installed, fix it before it causes significant damage to your roof.

7. Fix Flashing and Sealants

Flashing or vent boots connects your skylights or chimney to your roof. Wind can rip the flashing, giving room for mold and water damage. Do not wait until there's a leak to reinforce your existing flashing and sealants. If they are loose or weak apply fresh sealant.

A Colorado Springs roofing company can help you maintain your roof at a low cost if you are too busy to do it yourself. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone to, it is important that safety precautions are always taken to avoid disaster.

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