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Get Treated by the best Skin Specialist in Delhi for Acne Scar

Author: Rajat Kandhari
by Rajat Kandhari
Posted: Jul 14, 2019
acne scars

Acne and breakouts are annoying. But the scars left behind by acne are far more devastating. It not only dampens our physical appearance but it robs us off our self-confidence and the willingness to participate in social gatherings.

Before you try to treat your scars, it’s important to know the type of scars you have. Since there are different types of scars, each type responds to treatment differently, and some treatments are better for particular types than others.

In broad terms, there are 2 types of acne scars-

Atrophic scars- caused by the loss of tissue causing depressions in the skin.

Hypertrophic scars-caused by an excess of tissue in the skin.

Whatever is your type, there exists a potential treatment for it. All you need is to consult the Best Skin Specialist in Delhi for accurate cosmetic aid. Before picking out the expert for your skin, research and find the best clinic that provides the best skin care services and consider the acne scar treatment cost in South Delhi. Acne scar is sometimes very awkward as it appears on our skin. We feel very bad due to scars on skin. There is an advance technique which is used by eminent doctors. So, no need to worry now and meet one of the best dermatologists in Delhi and get rid of acne scars.

With the rise of dermatology practices and innovation in the medical industry, various treatments have been evolved that are designed to eliminate the visibility of these scars permanently.

Some of the most effective and popular procedures are-

Chemical peels- A chemical peel is a procedure that removes the top layer of the skin to reduce deeper scars. It is the most effective procedure and involves zero downtime and minimal discomfort. The results are visible almost instantly and give clearer and radiant skin.

Laser resurfacing- Alike chemical peels, laser resurfacing works on the topmost layer of the skin. This procedure typically has a quicker healing time than other resurfacing procedures.

Fillers- Fillers are widely used to even out the skin and treat acne scars. Fillers are injected into the surface of the skin and it plumps up and smoothes out depressed scars making the skin look radiant and glowing.

Microneedling- Microneedling is the newest treatment to treat acne scars. This procedure employs a small, handheld, needle-studded roller which is rolled on the surface of the scars. The needles then puncture the numbed skin making small holes which removes the dead skin and as the skin heals, it produces collagen that allows newer skin cells to form.

So, there are various ways to remove acne scar from skin and they are quite helpful. It removes scars and make our face totally clean and impressive.

Acne scars can be frustrating, but many approaches are accessible that can make them less obvious. Most scars are permanent, but a skincare expert can help you find the right treatment to help reduce the appearance of your scars. Get the best Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi at Dr. Kandhari's skin and dental clinic and say goodbye to all your skin woes.

About the Author

Dr Rajat Kandhari is a Consultant Dermatologist and a specialist in Aesthetic Treatments.

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