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10 Business Trends and Predictions for Future

Author: Madhur Kogta
by Madhur Kogta
Posted: Jul 15, 2019
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Every year is followed by changing trends in technology, fashion, media, and businesses.

And of course, with rising customer expectations, it is obvious for the service providers to adapt. Nonetheless, leaders of the industry need to be aware of all external factors, along with internal operations.


Dear businesses, if you wish to stay on top of your game, you should update yourself in these areas.

Here, are some of the behavioral changes that may appear in the future:

Advertisement and Marketing

  1. In this stream of marketing, it is going to grow more and more personalized. Any strategy which is implemented from a generic viewpoint may not generate expected results.

  1. User reviews are going to play a significant role in influencing a purchase decision. Letting your potential customers view what your present customer think about you will help in help in building your brand image.

Sales and Customer Service

  1. With the rise in competition, it is the customer who benefits the most. And they have shown that anyone who provides seamless and faster services will be preferred over others. In many instances, small startups win over large companies because of better customer service.

  1. No wonder, technology is leading its way, but one should connect in person to experience trust in business. Build up ideas in your business where you can interact with the customers. The in-person touch is what customer desire to see.

Office Space and Workplace

  1. To keep customers attracted towards your business, it will become mandatory to focus on employee happiness and engagement. By bringing employee appreciation and recognition to the desk, let there be positive work culture.

  1. It will be essential to manage remote workers for reduced overhead costs. And keep limited people in-house for mission critical activities. With limited office space and infrastructure, businesses are going to run smoothly. Therefore, you can rely on a virtual staff for organized working.

Technology and Security

  1. A very pre-dominant technology thing to talk about the future is blockchain technology. As competitors become smarter and breach of data increases, companies will need to recognize the potential of blockchain. They say, ‘implement blockchain technology to bring in the best security.’

  1. With the reduction in manual working, the use of data integration and mobile & web application is going to grow. The future expects the applications to be more accessible, interactive, and user-friendly.

Banking and Payment

  1. No guaranteed changes but with payments trends were seen in the last few years; massive disruptions can be expected in the future as well. The big players of the payment industry, such as Facebook and Amazon, can establish their payment service just like Google (GPay).

  1. In recent times, millennials are seen banking. They don’t seem to align with the traditional banking model and thus, desire digital banking. Therefore, there will be a massive shift of millennial towards digital banking in the upcoming years. Banks will be less visited, and banking operations will be done through the phone. iMobile is just one example.

So, entrepreneurs and leaders of the industry, keep your eye open for the business trends of the future. And predominantly, the concept of "nine-to-five fix to the desk" will soon get outdated. The setting-up and collaborating with a remote staff for your business’s non-core operations is a thing of future.

There is no other way of succeeding in your industry than implementing the trends of the future.

Go ahead and take a stride on what lies ahead.

About the Author

I have been writing for Fusion Business Solutions for about two years from now. Fusion is an outsourcing company focusing on virtual assistant services.

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