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Why you really need to use Facebook Power Editor for Ads?

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Jul 15, 2019
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People all around the world ate using the Facebook advertising tool to promote their business online. The thing about Facebook is that it offers a vast audience and you can easily select the one that you want to target, which is a perk that no other advertising platform has to contribute to the advertisers.

All small scale and large scale business are using the Facebook ad tool today to reach out to their clients and customers. You can either run the ads yourself, or you can hire a Facebook ad agency to do the job for you.

If you are running the ads yourself, then you most probably are using the Facebook Ad Manager, which is quite user-friendly thus is easy to use. But on the other hand, it doesn’t have as many features to offer as a Power Editor which works wonders in its way. So let us look at the reasons why you should use the Facebook Power Editor to run ads on Facebook.

1. More Complex Ads

Facebook Ad Manager is perfect for running average ads, but if you want to run thousands of high-quality ads at the same time and want to test them as well, then you are going to need the Facebook Power Editor which is equipped with some great features that can help your un more complex ads at the same time.

2. Duplicate Ads

You have to create different versions of your ads in the Facebook Ad Manager by yourself whereas, on the other hand, the Facebook Power Editor comes with a duplicate button that you can use to duplicate your ads and only change the one or two things that you wanted to change. This perfect as it saves a lot of time and effort.

3. Look-a-like Audiences

The Facebook Ad Manager allows you to create customized audiences based on your subscribers, but that would target all the people who have the similar demographics and interest, and that would be too vast, but the Facebook Power Editor allows you to target lookalike audiences. This feature will enable Facebook to target only those profiles which are similar to your existing users.

4. Target People at Appropriate Times

If you have done your research correctly and you know when your targeted audience will be online, then why would you run your ads 24/7? That is like practically stupid. So instead of using the Facebook Ad Manager to run continuous ads, it is better to use the Facebook Power Editor, which allows you to run your ads only on specific days and times.

Even though this feature is quite unusual, but at the same time, Facebook also has a restriction that most advertisers don’t like, and that is that you will have to set up a lifetime budget. No one knows why Facebook has this restriction, but it is there, so you will have to accept if you want to use this feature.

5. Advanced Mobile Targeting

Your regular Facebook Ad Manager only offers you two mobile targeting options which are not enough especially if you are running an ad related to the tech world which you only want to target to individuals with specific devices.

Facebook Power Editor, on the other hand, offer you advanced mobile targeting, which means that you can target either all devices or a particular type of device. This feature does come in handy sometimes, but in most cases, advertisers don’t use it.


Even though the Facebook Power Editor isn’t as user-friendly as the Facebook Ad Manager, but still it has more features to offer to the users. If, you think that you need any of the features mentioned above that you should defiantly try it out.

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