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Three Reasons To Collect International Carvings

Author: Buybubble Football
by Buybubble Football
Posted: Jul 19, 2019

Ivory was one of the most common materials used to create intricate carvings because of its availability and composition. Mammoths once roamed the earth and have long been extinct but their tusks have proven valuable to the world of art as durable material against the elements and easy to use for carving anything the imagination could bring to mind. In addition, they have become a popular collector’s item for museums as well as private collections.

The best ivory carvings are those that depict scenes of daily living, nature, religious and cultural icons of great importance. In this way, those in the present can take a step back in time and see what the past looked like in their own country or in areas across the globe that they are trying to learn more about. Online art vendors display hundreds of pieces every year for purchase with items that have been newly discovered or have changed hands over the decades or even centuries. Each piece is examined, verified and shipped with a letter of authenticity regarding the purity of the material and value.

The Japanese were known for creating best netsukes which are ivory carvings that put intimate positions in a multi-dimensional art form. These also had a functional purpose to secure the rope for the personal bag that was carried around the waist and exchanged between users as a way to expand their knowledge of the sexual act without having to discuss it. While culture appreciation is a primary motivator for becoming a collector of ivory carvings, money is also a big reason. Many of the authentic ivory sculptures are worth a valuable amount of money and are often used as an investment method so that an individual’s wealth is not all in liquid assets. Their private collection can be used as collateral when needed, assuming that it has been appraised and verified for reaching at the correct value. High dollar carvings and collections are insured in case of theft or damage thereby protecting the individual’s investment especially because these are not kept locked in a safe but out in the open where they can be displayed and appreciated by all.

Personal enjoyment is a third reason to become an ivory collector because of the beauty and intricacy of each carving whether it is ivory on its own, combined with another material like wood or hand-painted to add depth and dimension to the work. All types are available from reliable online vendors that specialize in this specific form of art. The first two are side benefits derived from the fact that buyers purchase pieces that ‘touch’ them emotionally and mentally. It might be a religious icon of Buddha, a nature scene, a Japanese netsuke or any number of the other options available to be purchased and shipped directly to your home location. Be sure to review how to care and maintain the ivory as it can easily be damaged through incorrect handling, long-term exposure to direct sunlight and other environmental elements that will degrade the image and the quality.

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