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Healthy ways to eat chocolate in your daily diet!

Author: Arzoo Chaudhary
by Arzoo Chaudhary
Posted: Jul 19, 2019
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Would you like to start your day with chocolate? And end with one too? Yes, that's possible. Consider your prayers have been answered because I have found some recipes by which you can incorporate this sweet treat on a daily basis( and that too without any guilt). Recent studies have found that dark chocolate made up of cocoa contains flavanols which are actually good for the heart and help fight type 2 diabetes too. Now, that you know the health benefits of it, no diet should come between you and chocolate. I understand that it is very easy to get carried away and binge on chocolatey products, it's essential to do it the right way and selecting the right one.

Here are some healthy food options that I have rounded up from some famous food bloggers and will complete your daily dose of chocolate (okay, I just made it sound like a drug). And if you are still reading this, I would say that you love chocolates just as much as I do.

So, let's begin!

Superfood dark chocolate bark

Consider it a superfood because it's up to you how healthy do you want to make it. It's a favorite holiday season snack and is really easy to make at home and that too, in so many different processes. You can add as many nuts and dry fruits as you want like almonds, almonds, pistachio, and chia seeds, its a healthy deal because it's packed with crunchy and healthy superfoods. You can also add so many taste building products like oreo chunks and chocolate, obviously being the main ingredient. The outcome is colourful (due to so many different ingredients added) and beautiful to look at. You can have it after each meal.

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancake

I know, I know its really hard to leave your bed in the morning. The only thing that motivates you to wake is the thought of a tasty breakfast. And when the breakfast is boring your body simply will refuse to work according to you. So who says that breakfast has to be boring? Its the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a little enjoyable. Your first meal can consist of oats, mashed banana, chocolate chips, and a stack of pancakes. Sounds yummy, right? And you can even make it gluten-free. Personally, it is my favourite breakfast recipe, and you will love it too. Got some morning motivation?.

Chocolate covered frozen banana and peanut butter bites

Here is another banana and chocolate recipe for a wonderful breakfast. As the name suggests, you only need three ingredients to prepare it, that are chocolate, banana, and peanut butter. What more can one wish for? These delicious healthy treats are super easy to make and usually hits even with the pickiest of the person. Make as many as you want to as it makes for a refreshing breakfast. To cut the method short, take two banana slices and apply peanut butter to stick them together and then dip them in chocolate, covering all sides and then freeze it. Just as simple as that.

Chocolate fudge cake

My taste buds just became active as I wrote "chocolate fudge cake". When you crave for chocolates, why not eat something that's dense and rich with chocolate so that it is filling for your cravings and you don't feel like crap after eating it. Because chocolate fudge cakes never make anybody feel bad. The gooey chocolate cake on the top makes you forget every bit of the guilt. It's okay to consume it while keeping a check on the quantity.

Choco avocado pudding

It is not that same old chocolate pudding, it's just an upgraded version of it, in fact, a major one. This pudding is dairy free and made with just five ingredients. Chocolate pudding that's creamy in texture uses avocado as its base and contains nothing but other four healthy ingredients that are almond milk, honey, cocoa powder, and chopped almonds for garnishing. Honey is perfect to be used as a substitute for sugar as it adds nutrition rich sweetness. This delicious treat can be consumed as a snack or after meals. Now, imagine the excitement level of your kids if you start serving it for dinners.

These are five healthy ways to consume chocolates without having to cheat on your diet.

Oh, and for the cake, you can either prepare one at home or even simple order chocolate cake online through

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