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Online Platforms For Students Learning And Solutions

Author: Sweety Sehrawat
by Sweety Sehrawat
Posted: Jul 20, 2019
online learning

Technology has a profound effect on almost all sphere of our lives, and education is no different. Over the past few years, EdTech has expanded speedily thanks to its multifold benefits for the students. Online learning gives students access to knowledge regardless of where they are as compared to traditional learning. Furthermore, online learning platforms offer the promise of providing the optimal course pacing to fit every student’s requirement. While this form of learning and education is beneficial and worthwhile to students.

The first benefit of learning online is convenience. Rather than having to be in the same room with the teacher, learning can be done anywhere anytime. This will save time on commuting, which can be spent on other productive activities. Furthermore, online learning is convenient as it can permit a student to only focus on one thing. Some online platforms allow students to choose the topic they wish to work on while hopping those that they are familiar with.

Online learning holds appeal for those trying to strike a balance between education and other activities. With online learning platforms, students don’t have to worry about being in class physically, which is ideal for them, especially those whose work or family responsibilities limits their opportunities. For them, flexibility is a very important factor, which is why online platforms are their best option. Online platforms offer students a chance to study whenever they feel like.

Students’ concentration levels differ widely, some students are good learners while others are not. These variations can affect slow learners' motivation if the instructor does not take a leading role to help the student. With online platforms, students learn at their speed, within the learning schedule set by them. Some online learning platforms come with playback features, thus allowing slow learners to continue learning.

There are so many online learning platforms available today in the country. Also so many online courses, solutions are available e.g. NCERT solution of class 9th on surface areas and volumes etc. today on the market but not all live up to their promise. Whatever your choice, make sure that it comes with features that meet your specific needs and the needs of your academic aim and targets.

Extramarks, A leading and well-known name in EdTech provides online platforms for learning and solutions of students. Extramarks focus mainly on visual learning and courses are designed in such a way that students can learn, practice and test them for the topic. Visit the Extramarks website for more details of courses.

A subject that most CBSE students hear about for the first time in the ninth standard is Statistics. It is not a very difficult subject, but it is indeed tricky, not unlike other topics in maths such as number systems or polynomials or calculus. A brief but descriptive introduction to statistics is necessary to get students to understand the crux of the subject and its utility, failing which students will be perplexed for long enough that it messes with their exam results. A lot of times, poor performance by students reflects a failure on the part of the teachers in terms of delivery. This is more frequently the case when the subject matter is complex and requires critical thinking. Statistics fits that description pretty well.

Any CBSE student will notice that teachers avoid referring to the NCERT for a few important subjects like economics, maths, and statistics. This would be a non-issue if it weren’t the case that our exams are based strictly on the content as is in the NCERT textbooks. This sends students rummaging through reference books and internet sites to collect relevant study material. The more the rummage, the greater the confusion.

In light of all the struggles and confusion that haunt students approaching their board years, several learning solutions can be developed. Extramarks takes note of all these inconveniences and attempts to build a platform that can take consideration of individual troubles of each student and find solutions for them. To boil down a difficult subject to the level of comprehension of students, the experts and academics at Extramarks create simplistic content with rich and engaging visuals that can be understood and remembered for a long time. There are various advantages to this kind of learning mechanism. The students can access content anytime, anywhere, at their convenience. Extramarks provides complete curriculum-mapped learning to avoid excess deviation from school teaching but without the pressure to complete the syllabus in the stipulated time frame or competition and with all the benefits of online education including personalization of learning and cost-effectiveness. Besides the adaptive tests and exhaustive practice sets that bring about progressive improvement in student’s performance, NCERT solutions of class 9 on statistics, Extramarks also provides students with access to intelligence based reports and analytics to help students better understand their strengths and gap areas and then to work exclusively on both to improve board performance.

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Technology has a profound effect on almost all sphere of our lives, and education is no different. Over the past few years, EdTech has expanded speedily thanks to its multifold benefits for the students.

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