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Cable Avoidance Training - Is It Really Needed?

Author: Peter Ashcroft
by Peter Ashcroft
Posted: Jul 20, 2019

Contractors or engineers undertaking any kind of construction or excavation work should understand the significance of taking the necessary steps to avert striking buried utility services. Underground cables and pipes can be found anywhere, even in places where you do not expect to find them. This means that you should not even insert a spade into the ground before proper survey of the site that is about to be dug. A thorough survey of the area is impossible without the use of cable avoidance tools or CAT.

CAT and Genny are the two most important tools that are used to detect and locate underground utility services. CAT stands for cable avoidance tools and Genny is the signal generator. These equipment have to be used together to locate underground utility services. Whilst CAT is able to detect live cables and wires, Genny assists CAT in locating the other services by applying a signal on them. However, these tools have their own limitations. Without proper cable avoidance training, an engineer or contractor will be unable to carry out an in-depth survey of the construction or excavation site. After all, it is not sufficient to simply purchase the tools and read the manuals.

Of course, the manuals will give you instructions on how to operate the equipment, but it will not make you aware of the limitations. Also, manuals can never come to par with the knowledge and hands-on training that you will from a professional. When you undertake a proper training course, you might be surprised at some of the things that the instructor will teach you that might not be in the manuals. Moreover, the instructor will provide you with practical experience out in the field, which is both essential and valuable. Learning how to operate the CAT & Genny in the classroom is one thing, but putting that knowledge into practice is a whole lot more.

If you are still wondering why cable avoidance training is necessary, take a look at the below given reasons.

Prevent cable strikes

In the UK, there are annually 60,000 cable strikes, which are entirely preventable. The problem is that most contractors, engineers or surveyors rely on site maps before beginning to dig or excavate an area. Now, the maps are outdated due to the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in the cities, which is pushing the need for laying down more and more underground utility services. So, you might even find buried services in places where you least expect it.

But, you can prevent a cable strike by learning how to use the CAT & Genny. These two pieces of equipment are able to easily, quickly and precisely detect and locate where the buried cables, wires, gas and water pipes are laid. Once you have a clear idea, you can begin excavating the area and not add to the cable strikes that are already taking place.

Create a safe working environment for the workers

Maintaining a safe working environment on site is the responsibility of the supervisor, contractor or head engineer. Unless you know where to find the underground utility services, you will be risking your workers’ lives. Cable strikes cause injuries and sometimes it can also be fatal. Even hitting gas pipes and sewage pipes can lead to causing severe injuries and risk the lives of the workers on site. Knowing the areas to avoid when digging is the best way to make sure that your workers are safe at work.

Avert expensive repair works

It is not just injury that you have to worry about. Cable strikes also lead to project delays, expensive repair works, loss of reputation and temporary disablement of the utility services for the people living nearby the site area. All of this can be avoided if you just know how to use the CAT & Genny.

So, undertake cable avoidance training from a professional and reputed training company.

Sygma Solutions Ltd. is a professional and reliable provider of cable avoidance training. This training company has a hands-on approach and delivers both theoretical and practical experiences. They work with various contractors and organisations to help reduce cable strikes in the UK.

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The company is an approved ProQual Centre and can provide Cat and Genny training to the Level 2 Award in Utility Location and Avoidance.

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