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Benefits of Fuel Additives to Improve Gas Mileage from West Penn Oil

Author: Manuela Fleischer
by Manuela Fleischer
Posted: Jul 03, 2014

Warren, PA. Fuel additives are designed with an aim to enhance the fuel quality and to deal with the problem of high fuel costs. You can get increased performance with fuel additives. They can improve octane, clean up fuel system and save money by reducing usage of fuel. It reduces emissions which are harmful for environment. Fuel additives also protect your vehicle and make it long-lasting and run better. You can increase the shelf life of your car by adding fuel additive from West Penn Oil while filling the fuel tank. It can help vehicle run flawlessly. So, it is wise to free the fuel system from harmful deposits for your engine which can affect the performance of engine. If you are not sure what to add in your truck or car, keep reading to know more about widely used fuel additives.

The dispersants offered by West Penn Oil are the cleaners for fuel systems, injectors and carburetors. In fuel additives, they avoid buildup of wax and particles which gunk the fuel system up. Your engine can work flawlessly, and hazardous emissions and knocks can be reduced. For your diesel fuel, you can use anti-gel additives to prevent thick gelling in diesel fuel, especially in cold weather without using kerosene. In order to enhance the lubricity in fuel system, you can use the combination of ethanol, gas, biodiesel, diesel and fuel oil as cleaners and fuel additives to avoid wear, corrosion in filters, metal and seals within your engine. Ethanol can prevent disturbing effects on engine fuel.

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Cetane rating can be enhanced with Octane boosters in the fuel and it can enhance knock of engine and restore performance and efficiency.

West Penn Oil is providing FPPF products as an authorized dealer. For modern high-end vehicles, they are manufacturing best-in-class petroleum products in their laboratory. For packaging and mixing, they provide hands-on focus in production line and providing the finish products which are beyond and above the industry standards. They have production line for ten-line filling when product is prepared for bottling and they use high-end labeling and packaging machines to transport and ship products. They are providing fuel stabilizers to reverse the process of aging and fuel oxidation of the vehicle and make it long-running.

About West Penn Oil

West Penn Oil is petroleum blending company and custom packaging company which is engaged in manufacturing oil containers and motor oil packaging. It is engaged in blending engine oils and delivering best-in-class fuel additives, treatments, lubricants, conditioners and cleaners as of 1935.

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