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How can corrosion inhibitors facilitate the protection of metal items?

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Jul 19, 2019
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In recent years, lots of attention is being paid to the packaging of an article while it is in transit. Moreover, if there are iron or steel items in the transportation, then it becomes necessary to opt for an efficient packaging method to ensure that the metal items do not get corroded easily while being in contact with seawater. This is the reason that numerous organizations opt for VCI packaging to protect their expensive products from profit-deflating corrosive elements. VCI stands for Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor, and it is a type of corrosion inhibitor that significantly protects ferrous materials from corrosion.

Their role in the packaging industry

Quite interestingly, the VCI strips are quite often used in cast iron, copper, and aluminium. These type of inhibitors functions by creating a neutral environment inside the packaging. On the other hand, one of the significant benefits of VCI bags is that one does not have to apply messy oils and grease into the surfaces of the packaged materials. On the other hand, there are a few considerations that one should keep in mind while selecting the best packaging VCI material for their industrial goods. For instance, one has to use the VCI bag with a pair of gloves as moisture present in hand can also act as a catalyst in the process of corrosion. This type of packaging is frequently being used to extend the durability of a product in the transit process.

The advantages of packing a ferrous shipment with VCI bags

Nowadays, VCI bags are increasingly being used in the transit process of costly metal structures of an organization to make sure that there are no underlying threats to the stability of the structure. In this context, it is essential to note that metal structures are easily affected by the effect of corrosion on them. While being on the transit process, seawater acts as a catalyst in the process of corrosion. Fortunately, VCI bags are a flexible way to make sure that corrosion can be prevented inside the package. It is so because greases and oils from your hands can always have an adverse impact on the longevity of your expensive products while they are packed with plastic CNC machining UK.

One of the primary advantages of VCI packaging lies in the fact that when a container is opened, the levels of VCI that is present in the container would automatically recover. With VCI packaging, one can ship metal items or industrial accessories without any tension. As it resists corrosion, it is quite beneficial in making sure that the wrapped metal stays fresh and devoid of rust. With a VCI packaging, you can keep your shipment free of any issues.

Corrosion starts when a component like water or oxygen is available on the outside of a metal. At the point when this happens, electrons start to stream forward and backward from the high-vitality territories of the metal to low-vitality zones. This stream brings about oxidation, which consumes and wrecks metal materials. VCI, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors, anticipate oxidation by hindering the electrochemical responses that reason oxidation.

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