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Finding the Perfect Formula for Choosing Your Betting Horse

Author: Valdemar Madsen
by Valdemar Madsen
Posted: Jul 03, 2014

If you are serious a Horse racing punter, then you must have heard about the famous writer Fred Davis. Davis has studied horse racing for days, and have shown a great approach to analyze horse racing data through the statistical mode of Impact Values. It’s from that time, that Impact values are used efficiently globally. It’s a very simple yet methodical way, which involves calculating the division sum.

Importance of Impact Value

Right calculation of the impact value can help estimating the winning possibility of the horses in a methodical way, and you will be able to sometimes make out how a less bated horse holds a better chance of winning than a frequently bated horse. An Impact Value gives a much clear view of the exact situation, and tells how it gives a better idea of the chances of the horse’s winning than simply looking at the strike rate.

Importance of ROI

Calculating the Impact value is not the only solution often. There are more things to consider like the ROI which is Return on Investment. This is also an important statistical data, which is calculated by dividing the profit and loss by runs. The plain result comes like this that, if a profit of $40 is made by 100 bets, then the profit ROI is +40%, and if the same amount bring in loss of $30, then the ROI is -30%.

How to find a good horse

The key to find a good horse for bet is by considering both the ROI and the Impact value. If the horse has good impact value and the trainer has good ROI then this can be deemed quite good for betting, and a smart punter would move with this horse. Otherwise a horse with good impact value but the trainer with less ROI can give you 50-50 result. You will have equal chances of winning and losing.

The perfect formula

Though this is a good formula to make a smart choice in horse betting, yet there is more to it. One more consideration should be made. You must see that how many races the horse has participated in. If the Impact value and ROI are calculated based on lesser number of races, then the horse will definitely show an inflated value good to enchant you, but not much effective.

However, a horse that has participated much more times than the earlier one, but has a little less impact value and ROI, may be a good player to choose. Thus the best way to win a horse bet in Luxbet is by implementing these formulas wisely. Visit my website

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Author: Valdemar Madsen

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