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How Do Customer Satisfaction Tools Help With Customer Retention?

Author: Shane Bedwell
by Shane Bedwell
Posted: Jul 25, 2019

Every business knows and should know the value of customers. Retaining existing customers is as important as finding new ones. There have been numerous instances where customers do not go back to business despite liking it. The reasons could be anything, but this will eventually hurt the business when the retention rate goes down taking the profits and business along with it.

One way to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty is by taking their feedback and implementing it to show them that their opinion matters. Physical feedback cards have been created and designed for the same purpose. But, they ended up being more of a burden on the business than providing any valuable information. That is because customers do not prefer to fill the physical cards which are boring and time-consuming. And, the data has to be processed manually which could result in human error.

Online Customer Satisfaction Tools help solve the problem. These tools allow customers to give feedback from their mobile phones at any given point in time. Using SMS, text, email, smiley face, app, or any other interface, customers can give feedback, send complaints, ask queries and get immediate response from the business. The tools are connected to an interactive dashboard and to employee devices which help in alerting the nearest employee to handle the issue and talk to the customer about it.

The tools are installed in the system of the businesses connecting the analytics to the database and a dashboard that allows in tracking the number of complaints received, pending, and solved. Customers can give pointed and specific feedback, selecting the issue that bothers them and attaching a photo (if possible) as reference.

The one-touch one-question feedback system is the smiley feedback which is delivered via email or a web-based service. The process takes less than 5 seconds. More and more customers are willing to give feedback using this system as it is easy and simple.

Let us take a look at the advantages of Text Message Survey that captures on the spot ratings, comments, and feedback from customers.

1. Closes Feedback Loop: The issue is closed only after the customer’s complaint is solved.

2. Protect Business: Customers will not have post social media posts or share their woes online. This helps protect the business from getting a bad name in the market.

3. Customer Retention: When customers know their opinions are valued, they prefer to stay with the business instead of finding another.

4. Improve Safety and Maintenance: Find and fix the maintenance issues. Over a period of time, the standards of quality will improve with continuous maintenance.

5. Multiple Survey Inputs: Get the feedback from all kinds of surveys at one place to analyze it.

6. Online Dashboard: The dashboard shows real-time data at all times. 7. Use Various Icons: Smileys, stars, thumbs up, or any other. Use any icon to take feedback.

8. Smart Social Media Connect: Allow only satisfied and happy customers to share a testimonial on social media.

9. Alert Tracking: Track all alerts until resolution. Staff members are reminded about the pending tasks until they are completed.

10. Benchmarking: An online leader board shows how well or worse a business is doing when compared to others in the market. It helps in reassessing the situations and striving to work for a better result.

The online feedback process has the following steps.

Ask for feedback.

Answer from customers is collected. Act on the query/ complaint when it reflects on the dashboard.Audit the issues and ensure all of them are solved.

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