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Difference between Manual and Automation Testing

Author: Jaya Vimala
by Jaya Vimala
Posted: Jul 27, 2019
What is manual testing?

Manual testing is a type of software test where testers operate test cases manually without the use of any automation tools. Manual testing is the oldest of all types of tests and helps diagnose errors in the program system.

Any new application must be tested manually before it can automate the test. Manual testing requires a lot of effort but it is necessary to check the feasibility of automation.

Manual testing does not require knowledge of any test tool.

One of the basics of software testing is "100% automation is not possible".

This makes manual testing a necessity

What is automation testing?

The manual test is performed by someone sitting in front of a computer that performs the testing steps carefully.

The automation test means using the automation tool to run your test case set.

The driver can enter test data into the system, compare the expected and actual results, and provide detailed test reports. Testing automation requires a significant investment of funds and resources.

Repeated development cycles require repeating the same test set. Using the automation test tool, this test set can be registered and restarted as needed. Once the test kit is automated, there will be no need for human intervention. This improved ROI test automation. The goal of automation is to reduce the number of test cases that must be run manually and not to get rid of manual testing altogether.

Manual Test1. Manual testing is a manual operation.2. Common steps such as test planning, test deployment, results analysis, test implementation, error tracking tools and reporting are included in the manual testing category and are successfully implemented by human endeavors.3. Manual testing is the beginning of the test, without this test we can not start the automation test.4. Manual testing allows the two laboratories to perform random tests to find errors.5. The error estimate in manual testing shows more errors than automation.6. Take time.7. Manual testing works straight.8. Process regression testing in strict manual testing9. It's not expensive.10. Manual testing requires more testers because this test must run test cases manually.11. This gives a less accurate result.12. Quality is considered low.13. We can not perform a batch test in this test.14. Less reliable.15. Manual testing does not require programming.16. This is done without the interaction of any tool.Testing automation1. Automation testing is a process carried out with the help of automated tools.2. All STLC common steps are to test automation through various open source and procurement tools such as Selenium, J Meter, QTP, Load Runner and Win Runner.3. The automation test is a continuous part of manual testing.4. In automation testing, we are always tested by running scripts.5. In the automation test, we test the repeated function of the application.6. It takes less time.7. Automation is tested on different devices at the same time.8.The process of regression testing in automation testing by simple tools.9. It's expensive.10. The automation test requires a small number of testers because these test test cases must be performed using automation tools.12. This gives high accuracy result.12. High quality is considered.13. In this test, we can perform multiple types of batch tests.14. Considered more reliable.15. Programming is a must in automation testing.16. This is always done using tools.
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