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The Three Major Perspectives in Sociology

Author: Smith Sera
by Smith Sera
Posted: Jul 28, 2019

When it comes to an understanding of the essential elements of life in light of sociology, there are three broad schools of thought or ideas that are mainly practiced currently.

Social norms and the general behavior of people is understood from micro to macro perspective; this means that the small or minute social patterns are studied to the extent that it eventually enables insight into the significant social habits of humans.

Modern sociologists have provided concrete and fundamental ideas about society and the methods of its functioning. Moreover, they have presented specific paradigms based on sociological concepts to give the analysis of culture and its constructs.

The Interrelated Fields Of Sociology

The concepts of sociology profoundly influence the field of law as that helps the lawyers and other authority figures of the legal system to understand the mind of a criminal. When individuals deviate from the norms and proceed to make questionable life decisions that affect not only them but also the society in general, the action of behavior is termed deviant.

Seeing the importance of this, particular sub-field sociology has been expanded and given a field of its own. Therefore, sociology, law, and unusual psychology are regarded as interrelated fields of education that are meant to provide an insight into the minds of individuals who both abide and not abide by the cultural norms. This concept is considerably intricate, and students often avail UK law essay writing help from professional writers as they can originate essays that are of relatively higher quality.

The Three Perspectives In Sociology

Symbolic Interactionism:

This particular perspective suggests that everything in life has a meaning attached to it. Therefore, human beings, in general, take cues and signals from every single particle and object that comes in their way. Individuals make subjective interpretations of every day to day details of their life. It is primarily based on the concepts given by Max Weber, a renowned philosopher and political economist. Hence, the concepts of symbolic interactionism can be traced back to the theories asserted by Weber as well.


The functionalist perspective postulates that every individual is interdependent on the other person. So, in a way, the entire body of society is dependent on the other person to run smoothly. Thus, to understand this concept, it can be said that the governments are supposed to provide food, schools, and shelter to the citizen whereas the citizens are mandated to pay the taxes in return for the necessities the government and officials are offering them. It is vital for both the bodies to do their job correctly; otherwise, it could lead to chaos and disturbance in society.

Conflict Theory:

Karl Marx’s theory profoundly influences conflict theory. Therefore, the perspective suggested by the conflict theory is that the people belonging to the lower status quo can’t evolve and prosper if they are mandated to pay the taxes and that is only going to benefit the people of the higher socioeconomic class.

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