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How to Get 20% Discount on Cloudways Hosting for 3 Months?

Author: Stephen Hawk
by Stephen Hawk
Posted: Jul 29, 2019
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In this article, we are going to tell you how you can get a 20% discount on the world's best web hosting – Cloudways

Before jumping to the discount we should first get some knowledge about Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways hosting

Cloudways is the best web hosting for professional and big websites. they have powerful servers to boost the website’s performance and speed. Cloudways has many features to offer in their plans designed according to the usage of the website.

Cloudways has powerful systems like CloudwaysCND, built-in cache plugin for WordPress, backup management system, auto-healing servers and many more features to build a powerful website.

Cloudways key features

1. Powerful servers

Cloudways has the powerful server in which your blog will run so the speed and performance of the blog will increase. The speed is the key factor for a website which determines the growth and ranking in the search results.

2. Storage space

Cloudways has SSD based drives which increase the processing speed. The pages of the blog are loaded much faster and this provides a good user experience. Due to the amazing user experience, the users will come back again and again. In other web hosting the drives are of HHD which is slowers and cheaper than SSD.

3. Auto-Healing servers

You have never seen the servers which are auto-healed after facing any kind of issue. In Cloudways the servers are designed to repair their system automatically. This reduces the burden on blogger so they can focus on their work.

4. free site migration

Cloudways gives you the freedom to migrate your site for unlimited times without paying any migration fee. this free service will save your lot of money on migration process because in the start you are going to use the basic plans and once the blog will start growing then you will need to shift it to advance servers to fulfill the blog requirements. As bigger blogs will require fasters severs and more space to function.

5. free SSL certificate

You will be provided an SSL certificate to convert HTTP to HTTPS for a secure connection. This certificate is completely free in the Cloudways hosting plan. There are a lot of benefits of SSL certificate such as with the HTTPS protocol the users will know that it is a secure connection and it is safe to enter data on this website. so it will gain users trust and second thing is that it will give you some SEO boost in the start.

6. Daily auto-backups

Cloudways has the service of daily backups which means all your data will be a daily backup in a different server so that whenever there will be a need to restore the blog then it can be done easily with the backup.

7. free trial

Cloudways offers a great opportunity for those who want to test the service. They are offering a 14 days free trial hosting. the process of getting a free trial is very simple just go to the offer and create your account. there is no need of entering the credit card details.

8. cache plugin

Cloudways provides a cache plugin for WordPress website which comes in it pre-installed. This plugin will make WordPress blog work faster and better. You don't need to buy any cache plugin from others to make your blog faster.

9. Cloudways CDN

Cloudways CDN is a simple but powerful system which is a very simple setup. After being installed the load on the main server will be distributed to other servers which are situated on other geographical areas. This makes the server adaptive to the user's request as from where the user is accessing the data so the main server can assign the task to the closest server to the user.

How to get 20% discount on Cloudways

Even if the services and offerings of Cloudways are great some people will not buy it because for them it may be a bit expensive. This is because, in the beginning, not everyone who is going is to start a website have a sufficient budget. They may be a student or a housewife.

So instead of going with the cheap hosting and ruin your interest in blogging why not buy Cloudways with a 20% discount. this discount offers will help everyone to stop hesitating and start buying the premium web hosting at an affordable price.

To get a 20% discount on Cloudways is very easy. You have to just get a the code from any affiliate marketer's websites such as this Cloudways Coupon's site and then when the purchase page of Cloudways will open then paste the promo code. After that, the promo code will be activated and you will get your 20% discount.

Final words on Cloudways

We have reached to the bottom of this article and learned so much about why it is important to select the best web hosting to make the blog success. So I recommend you to use Cloudways hosting if you are passionate about growing up your online business. We have been using Cloudways hosting for many websites and we got no problem till date. Even if we have come across some issues then they handled the problems very professionally.

To start with great web hosting and then you will not have to worry about the servers and speed of the blog. this will help you to achieve good traffic and ranking very fast and easy otherwise you will have to work too hard to get traffic and also will have to always look at the server if it is active or not. And the second concern will be the speed and performance of the blog because with cheap quality servers the speed will be less and this will leave a bad impression on the readers. Due to this bad experience, they will never return on your website and you will have higher chances of getting failed so to build strong support then only use the best services and products. It might be expensive but it will last longer.

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I'm a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. I own several blogs including this one & you can follow me there.

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