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Factors that will make you love Nadar Matrimony all the more

Author: Balakrishnan David
by Balakrishnan David
Posted: Jul 29, 2019
nadar matrimony

Marriage is an essential part of everyone’s life. There is a huge range of community and culture in India that get married to connect to their customs. Among this immense braid of culture, the Nadar community is quite famous that belongs to the southernmost part of India, in Tamilnadu. Nadar matrimony happens with great zest as it is an elaborate affair of this community.

The people of this sector are traditionally rich and they do believe in their tradition. However, they are very simple at heart also. Hence they also look for the perfect life partner with the same qualities. Marrying within the same community is an integral part of Nadar matrimony. Nadar matrimonial sites can help them find the perfect match as per their expectations.

Ceremonies and Rituals in Nadar Matrimony

A classic Nadar marriage ceremony includes several kinds of ceremonies with a distinctive meaning and rituals. Tamil Matrimony is hence celebrated with much splendor and spectacle.

Engagement ceremony- the procedure of acceptance

Marriage starts with a pre-wedding ceremony 'Poo Vaithal'. It is the engagement ceremony where the groom's mother gives a flower to the bride meaning that they have accepted the bride as a new member in their family which confirms the marriage. If the bride accepts this communion, she will let the groom's mother keep the flower strands on her hair, implying that she accepts too.

A lovely way of accepting the proposal

Two things have to be noted here. One, the Mother-in-law accepts the bride not just as a member of the family but as a daughter, expressing in a warm way. Other, when the bride accepts the flower, she expresses her decision on the proposal without saying a word which is very thoughtful since most brides are coy and go helpless to say it loud.

Apart from the groom's mother, the relatives from the groom side also keep the flower for the bride. This 'Poo Vaithal' takes place in a grand way like any other engagement but here flowers play the role of rings in confirming the proposal.

Importance of rich crowd

Nadar matrimony rituals are merely some of the various common procedures inside Tamil Nadu. Indian partnerships tend to be well-liked by all due to its typically vibrant merrymaking, lavish functions and also festivities in Hindu Shaadi. Yet unlike all other customs which can be practiced while in the place, Tamil matrimony normally practices simplicity in terms of their own marriage ceremony.

All the remote family members tend to become in order to bless the actual Tamil groom and bride for his or her long term relationship along with the ceremony done on a considerable level.

Basic Traditions of a Nadar Matrimony

Within Nadar Matrimony, the specific traditions contain numerous practices like Paalikali Thalippu, which integrates aggrandizing 7 clay-based cooking pots along with kumkum powdered as well as sandalwood stick. These pots are then filled with nine versions regarding grains Nava dhaanyam and also curd.

Additional traditions comprise of

1. Sumangalai Prarthanai (any sort of good thing), 2. Kalyanaponnu or auspicious bathing routine, as well as other folks like 3. Nandi Devata Pooja, 4. Navgraha Pooja, 5. Vritham Naandi Shraartham, 6. Janavasanam, as well as 7. Nicchiyadharatham 8. Sumangalai Prarthanai

All of them are being conducted for the benefit of relationship correspondingly.

Basic tradition after Nadar matrimony

  • Mangalasnanam

The Nadar matrimony traditions incorporate the particular declaration associated with Mangalasnanam. Only at that point, the aarti is carried out from the women within the residence, just after the oil bath wedding couple are usually dressed up. All the rituals finally get over by the oil bathing of the just-marrieds by the groom's family after which the bride leaves for her spouse's house.

  • Gauri Pooja

Then there’s Gauri Pooja by which the bride will pay to be herself able to gauriamma.

  • Pada Pooja

Pada Pooja, as well as Kaasi Yatra, are the customs that happen to be observed directly after the matrimonial proceedings.

Importance of Date- The Shubh Diwas

The particular day for the wedding service is actually proven purely right after being recommended by a Hindu Priest from the Hindu diary. There are some date and time which might be unfavorable as per the Tamilian rituals and practices.

  • July 15 to August 15, • September 15 to October 15 and • December 15 to January 15

These dates are to be avoided in this case.

These can be various weeks concerning Aashad, Bhadrapad, and Shunya as well, respectively. Although Nadar matrimony will involve prolonged and very individual rituals, it depicts a whole lot regarding ease in thought and motion.

The delectable Tamil cuisine

From various types of rice like coconut rice, tomato rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, etc., to the popular South Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, uttapam, Rasam, etc., Tamil wedding has an extravagant menu. Other dishes included in a Nadar matrimony are Kootu, kuzhambu, Korma, and Pongal. To finish off the meal, there is a wide range of sweets. One of the famous desserts is payasam.

Stupendous Wedding Attire

The Tamil bride is an embodiment of attractiveness and grace. Dissimilar to other brides in heavy red/maroon lehengas, the brides in Tamil matrimonial ceremony wear stunning Kanjeevaram sarees in bright golden shades.

Well, all these reasons make a Tamil marriage an elegant event to enjoy the fullest.

To enjoy all these festivities a person needs to have a perfect life partner as well. However, the matchmaking sometimes gets critical when done with traditional methods. But these days, matrimony sites work great. They are helpful to all communities including Nadar. Get your profile registered at a matrimony site and find your perfect life partner in real.

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