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Traffic Sign Recognition System Based On Machine Learning

Author: Aretove Technologies
by Aretove Technologies
Posted: Jul 31, 2019

Traffic Sign Recognition System Based On Machine Learning - The Most Powerful Innovation Of The Decade

In a recent conference in Tokyo, the innovation of a Machine Learning-Based Traffic Sign Recognition by cars has created a huge buzz.

Deemed to be the most powerful innovation of the decade, this path-breaking technology has also found its use in autonomous cars of today.

What makes technological innovation so influential?

The concept came to life in 2009, in a paper that proposed the ideas of in-vehicle camera traffic sign recognition into practical uses so that the traffic system can benefit from it. Although the concept might still be nascent, the machine learning-based traffic sign recognition can add remarkably convenience to both self-driven and autonomous cars.

One of the most significant breakthroughs in Machine Learning Applications, the most prominent feature of this innovative the system is the usage of cameras to detect, recognize and track road signs in real-time. It can read and capture the passing-by road signs and relay important details to the driver so that they can be safe while driving. Using the principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the traffic system mainly looks into the problems occurring in real-time traffic by the method of elimination.

But back in 2009, when the idea was not fully conceived, this concept was treated just like an additional feature available in modern cars. No one had really been able to gauge the unprecedented importance of a traffic-sign recognition system in the cars of today.

How has the journey been so far?

More than a decade back, when the paper was first published, most of the researchers involved, had never really imagined that Machine Learning, a part of AI, can give birth to a fully-developed traffic management system fit to be on-boarded in cars. Earlier they were of the perception that this feature would find limited use. But it was only during the few years that followed 2009, that they realized how crucial and demanding it was turning out to be!

But there is a problem that has been bothering the brains behind this innovation; and unless that is solved, the idea cannot be declared as a huge success.

Researchers are working to fix an issue where the system still fails to address specific problems faced by autonomous cars when they are driving in rural areas. The maps available for the rural areas are not that reliable, and the cars only have to rely on real-time feeds from the cameras.

What is the current status of this system?

Recently, after the imposition of the EU laws, this advanced traffic recognition system faced a series of controversies. The EU laws stated that cars manufactured after 2022 would come with an automatic speed regulation feature. The laws also suggest using intelligent speed assistance. This consists of a sensor that uses traffic sign recognition along with GPS to prevent cars from breaching the speed limit.

However, the implementation of this innovative traffic sign the recognition system is expected to save more than 25000 lives across a span of 15 years.

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Ms. Aanchal Iyer is the Digital Marketing Manager and a Content Strategist for Aretove Technologies Pvt.Ltd. She has experience of 11+ years as a content consultant.

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