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Kurtis for every occasion – a dress to fit you all areas all weather

Author: Nikki Singh
by Nikki Singh
Posted: Jul 29, 2019
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Clothes are one of the necessities of human life. They constitute one of the most important ingredients of regular life. That is because clothes help us keep ourselves covered from prying eyes and heat and dust as well as other harmful things. They help to keep our modesty intact and also help us look better at times. Clothes have evolved over several centuries; it is not the same as they once were. Today, clothes are as sophisticated as they could be. We have new types of clothing mushrooming up every single day all over the world. These clothes, are beautiful in their ways.

But sometimes, in this sophisticated look of clothes, it is good to choose something simple in its very nature. Kurtis is one of the garments that is simple and elegant in every way. They are found mostly in India, but in today's trend, have also traveled far and wide, and can also be found in places that are far from its origin land. The clothing is extremely simple when it comes to Kurtis: It is an upper garment and a lower garment, which covers most of the body. Kurtis is generally quite long, going below the knee in most cases unless you particularly choose a short Kurti. There are various designs, shapes, and sizes of these particular Kurtis.


Kurtis can be worn on any and every occasion. They are an extremely comfortable piece of garment and are elegant, making them one of the top pics to wear whenever you want. You can wear Kurtis regularly and casual wear in your office, or you can choose to wear Kurtis on special occasions like attending a wedding and so on. They are form-fitted for any occasion you like. Of course, you do have to check a few parameters before deciding what sort of Kurti would you like to wear when the time comes. These parameters include the material or the fabric the Kurti is made from, the length of it, the design, the sleeve length, the price, and many other factors. When you buy a certain Kurti you can buy it by keeping these particular factors in your mind.


There are various Kurtis that are particularly made for wedding-related occasions. These Kurtis have a particular type. The Kurtis that one generally chooses to wear to a specific function, one has to make sure that the Kurti looks good enough for the function itself. The embroidery and the color and material of the Kurti matter quite a lot. Therefore, when you decide to go for a Kurti while you're planning to go to a wedding, there are a few choices from which you can easily choose.

ANARKALI KURTIS: Anarkali is one of the most common types of Kurtis that you might find people wearing in India. They also serve as one of the best quality Kurti when it comes to wedding occasions. Anarkali Kurtis is generally long, reaching up to the ankle. They are stitched closed at the hemline and are filled with amazing embroidery as well. They are made up of extremely bright colors and look regal when they are worn for eventful occasions. They look the very best when they are paired with tight bottoms such as leggings and are paired with glossy and glowing accessories such a ‘Jhumkas’.

ANGRAKHA KURTIS: These Kurtis serve as another great example of wedding wear. Angrakha Kurtis is one of the best designers wedding Kurtis because they too look quite regal. They are divided in the middle, giving them a particularly unique look that you would not generally find in another Kurti. They should also be paired with tight bottoms, such as leggings and should also be paired with jewelry that is heavy and glowing. Golden jewelry is generally recommended when it comes to Angrakha Kurtis.

CHURIDAR: Churidars are another good example of wedding Kurtis. Churidars are Kurtis that are worn particularly in Bengal and in regions of Punjab. They normally have a tight upper, and a tight bottom as well. They have a distinct shape and size giving them a very special appearance. They can be paired with moderate to heavy jewelry, according to the look you are going for. With proper makeup and a good hairstyle, they can easily serve as one of the best Kurtis that you can wear at a wedding.

LEHENGA KURTIS: Lehenga Kurtis is another major form of Kurtis that is particularly made for a wedding or other eventful occasions. Lehenga Kurtis has a Lehenga or a large skirt at the bottom, rather than tight bottom wear. They look extremely exquisite when they are paired with heavy jewelry and good amounts of makeup. They give a distinct look to your garment, keeping it aside from any other type of Kurti that you may wear at a wedding function.

All of these Kurtis are amazing in their colors and texture. While buying these Kurtis one must keep in mind that the colors should be bright and they should have good amounts of embroidery attached to them. With bright colors and heavy embroidery, they tend to stand out of the other types of Kurtis that people might wear at a function. Also, you need to pair them with proper jewelry that goes along with the said occasion.


All of these Kurti types makes one of the best garments when it comes to weddings. Weddings are functions where people need to look at their very best. They are also places where people need to show their love and respect for their tradition and culture. Therefore, choosing an ethnic garment is one of the best choices when it comes to a wedding. And if one needs to feel comfortable, Kurtis can be the best option as they bring out comfort and convenience along with a great look to pair you with. Choose the type of Kurti you want by keeping the parameters in your mind.

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