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What Are Your Options When Shopping For Swimming Pool Algae From Us?

Author: Liz Seyi
by Liz Seyi
Posted: Aug 01, 2019

While it is thought that there could be one million or more species of algae around the world, the only one that you need to be greatly concerned about as a swimming pool owner is the species commonly known as blue-green algae, and sometimes referred to as ‘cyanobacteria’.

The risk that algae can pose to your pool should not be understated. Once algae begins to develop in your pool – as could easily happen on a lovely, sunny day when many relatives or family friends of yours are using it – you may be shocked by how rapidly it multiplies.

Within the space of a day, your previously crystal-clear pool water may have developed a greeny-brown tint, and if you don’t act fast, the pool may soon begin resembling a pond.

So, what can pool algaecide do to kill the algae?

Well, this is where the first common source of confusion arises. Pool Algaecide does not exist to kill the algae in your pool, instead merely serving to prevent its growth. This means that if algae are already present in your pool, or you are seeing the above symptoms of this having become the case, you will first need to use a shock chlorine to clear the algae.

Once this is done, algaecide will be able to do its work of preventing algae from returning – but you’ll need to invest in the right product first.

We give you many different forms of algaecide

The types of pool algaecide that can be purchased from the Pool Warehouse online store right now include Antialgas, which is non-foaming and suitable for regular weekly dosing. An initial dose of one litre of this algaecide per 11,000 gallons is recommended, followed by maintenance doses of 0.5 litres per 11,000 gallons.

Long-life swimming pool algaecide is also available from us, however, with our Clearpool product lasting for six months when a dose of one litre to every 5,000 gallons is used. It is suitable for use in both the summer and winter, which is why it can be a great idea to add a dose at the start of the season, and then again when you are closing down the pool for the colder months.

Speaking of winter algaecide, we are also pleased to have in our stock a strengthened solution that incorporates a flocculant to preserve the clarity of pool water throughout the winter.

A one-litre algaecide product for smaller pools can also be purchased from us, and serves as another demonstration of our commitment to making available the most comprehensive range of options for keeping your pool water in optimum condition.

Purchase any of these forms of pool algaecide today, and provided that you spend more than £70 on one order, you can have it delivered for free to a UK mainland address on a Next Working Day Service.

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This article is written by Liz Seyi, Digital Marketing Manager at Jumpinngspidermedia LLC.

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