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Top 7 career options the Indian VFX industry can offer

Author: Pragnya Purple
by Pragnya Purple
Posted: Aug 01, 2019
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India is a country where visual effects domain at present is at boom. Visual effects or popularly known as VFX has given a new impetus to the people belonging to the media and entertainment industry. Today, almost no film can be imagined with visual effects. The portion of VFX could be as short as a one-shot but VFX has become a necessity in modern films to attract large audiences. There are so many popular VFX films in India, the best example being Bahubali. The time is in favour of all the aspiring filmmakers or artists who want to build a career in the field of multimedia. With the top film institutes present in India, there is so much scope for the ambitious youth. There are some great VFX production studios like Red Chillies & Prime Focus, which not only work for Bollywood but also cater to Hollywood films.

There is good news for all the young and creative minds that India has become a big pool for offering various VFX jobs. Sometimes, the students are unaware of the career options in spite of their immense interest in the subject. This article aims to enlighten the different roles that VFX artists in India can aspire for. The VFX sector of India is flourishing and the VFX career path certainly promises a whole new bunch of career options for all its aspirants.

Here is a list of major seven key positions that VFX professionals can leverage.

  • Working as Layout Artist

A layout artist is the one who sets the foundations for how the visuals will -appear ultimately. The task of creating templates, the layout of the website, magazine or other printed media, interpreting the script & storyboard is the cornerstone of a layout artist. All these processes starting from the scene creation to guiding camera angles and a lot more falls within this remit. It is usually a part of the pre-production & the pre-visualization process.

  • Working as Compositing Artist

The job of a compositor is to ensure a seamless blend of visual effects and live background action to give an excellent viewing experience. This whole task is done by eliminating any visual disturbances which the viewer might encounter and gets distracted.

  • Working as Lighting Artist

One of the most crucial tasks in the film production job is the lighting. Lighting plays an essential role in visual continuity and storytelling process. The role of lighting artist is to understand the whole conduct of light and its interaction with the real subjects & then translating that into visual effects. The artist should be able to deliver the right amount of illumination to make the scene pop on the screen.

  • Working as Rendering Artist

There are the most in-demand artists in India across all the major VFX studios & production houses, when it comes to VFX career opportunities. Rendering artists are responsible for converting the 3-dimensional models into real-world visuals. This job requires a lot of detailing work which has to be done minutely and delicately. The task is highly technical and the artists ensure that the whole process is carried out with perfection.

  • Working as Roto Artist

There is a great demand for rotoscoping artists or roto artists today. Their task is strenuous and imperative as it demands to uncover all those areas of the frame where computer graphics meet real life. Roto artists work to set a framework for compositors from where they begin their work.

  • Working as Matte Painter

A matte painter is a person that makes those beautiful tapestries that make the VFX films extra-mundane. It is completely the talent of the painter to develop such creation. A matte artist takes citation pointers from the source photographs, sketches or other relevant objects to convert them into realistic VFX scenes where all the action takes place in. How skilfully a matte artist does all this task is supernatural.

  • Working as Match Mover Artist

A match mover artist is considered as a 2D and 3D expert who can work in areas where there is a combination of both these worlds. Tracking movements is an important part of a match mover artist’s role where it ensures proper integration of computer-generated graphics with the live-action footage. They have to see that every movement, proportion and other aspects are in harmony with the desired look and feel.

  1. Stay abreast with the latest technology & techniques
  2. Read and understand online as much as you can
  3. Practice till you drop dead as this will only get the best out of you
  4. Create show reel
  5. Target a good production house though if you are willing, you can also develop your production studio. YouTube and Instagram can help you gain popularity.

All the VFX aspirants need not worry much about their career now. The VFX training institutes are offering a complete programme starting from imparting a complete knowledge base to conducting right career counselling that the students can urge for.

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