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The Significance of Purified Water for Babies

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Aug 02, 2019

Introducing your little one to drinking water must be a well thought out plan as water plays a key role in the health of your baby. Contaminated water can cause a host of diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. This stands reason enough to use purified water for babies to drink and mix formula. Keep reading to know more about the essentiality of purified water.

While we are often obsessed about giving our baby healthy food and keeping our home and surroundings immaculately clean, we tend to forget one simple fact- pure drinking water. If the quality of water that you give your child is inferior, it counteracts the benefits of all the nutritious food that you feed him. The significance of purified water for babies can seldom be undermined.

Babies are susceptible to diseases during the initial phase of their lives, which explains why you need to use only purified water for drinking and mixing formula. Due to the presence of contaminants in pipe water and other sources, it is also essential to use purified water to sterilize feeding bottles and other baby equipments.

Top reasons to Use Purified Water for Babies


Purified water has a fresh taste and it enhances the flavor of baby formula. Water, which is purified and sterilized through several processes, is free from chemicals and minerals that can pose health hazards to your precious little one. As it is free from heavy metals such as iron and lead, it also tastes good when it is mixed with cereals or formula.


Another important reason that you must use purified water for babies is that it is free from microorganisms or bacteria. When the water is free from chlorine, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and multiply. This explains why even filtered water might not be safe for your baby to consume. However, purified water is safe as the process kills bacteria and halts the germs from multiplying.


Using water that contains high levels of fluoride can cause enamel fluorosis in babies, which is the reason the ADA recommends to avoid the use of water that contains high levels of fluoride. Although dental fluorosis is not a serious ailment, it can cause discoloration to the permanent teeth too. Apart from that, most of the infant formulas contain added fluoride and an extra dosage through water sources is definitely not required for your baby.

Great taste

Purified water is tasty and most babies love great taste especially when it is mixed with infant formula. At times, the water might seem clear and pure and there is hardly any difference in its appearance and smell. But it can be contaminated with pollutants, bacteria, and viruses that have no odor or color. Well, then, some water does appear muddy and tastes awful which is a clear indication of water contamination.

In order to ensure that your baby has the safest drinking water, it is ideal to buy purified water that can be mixed with cereals and formula.

Bay-Bay Water LLC offers distilled and purified bottled water for mixing with baby formula and cereals. This fluoride free water is recommended by doctors for parents. To know more about shipping and return, visit

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