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How to Create the Most Amazing Funny Printed T Shirts Designs?

Author: Trudy Seeger
by Trudy Seeger
Posted: Aug 02, 2019
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T-shirts are great fun to wear because they are comfortable, fun, trendy, and allow you to express your attitude like nothing else. From a humble start in the early 1900s, the t-shirt industry has boomed and now t-shirts are worn by people of virtually all ages. The popularity of t-shirts has also allowed a new breed of graphic designers to prosper in creating images that unleash their creativity in the form of complex images and color palettes, especially with funny printed t shirts that can be satirical or just outrageously hilarious. Though designing t-shirts looks a very easy task from people looking in from the outside, only designers know how tough it is for them to come up with humorous themes that can catch the imagination of the target audience and go viral. Some useful tips for graphic designers who are just starting their careers in t-shirt design:

Brainstorm To Generate the Best Design Ideas

As a designer, you have to keep in mind that whatever you are designing, it should be liked very much by the target audience. Your designs, therefore, need to be original and not something that you have ripped off from someone else. To decide on what your target audience likes, you should sit down with your core design and marketing team and throw around ideas. According to, one of the best ways of generating wild ideas is to invite diverse thinkers to the brainstorming session. Humor can be a difficult subject so you should be careful to use something that most people will be able to understand; something that is offbeat may not prove to be a brilliant idea from the point of sales.

Decide What Is Funny and What Isn’t

In your effort to be funny in an original way, it is all too very easy to step over the line and offend a section of your audience with images or words that may be interpreted as being sexist, racist or offending someone’s faith. Different cultures interpret stuff in different ways so you should always make it a point to through test out an idea to see if it has any negative connotations before executing it. While they say any publicity is good publicity, you surely do not want to end up in needless controversy.

Keep the Concept Simple Even When Adding Details

You have to keep in mind that t-shirts are not a static medium so your design concept and humor has got to be conveyed even when someone wearing the t-shirt is walking by. While the canvas available to you allows you to execute complex designs, you need to ensure that the actual stuff that will bring the smiles on have to be big, loud, and clear for easy noticeability and memorability. Research what is trending by visiting the sites of leading players like Get Art and see how you can use them as a base for generating a really funny concept.


The key to achieving success in designing funny t-shirts is being able to decide what will tickle the funny bone of your customers and go about executing the concept in a way that is appealing and memorable without plagiarizing someone else’s idea. Be as cheeky and sassy as you like but stay away from the chance of being misinterpreted and causing offense.

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