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Bid bye to Depression Practicing Yoga

Author: Wendy Martin
by Wendy Martin
Posted: Aug 04, 2019
mental health

Just before the turn of the century, the world was groped by a disease named "depression". The fact that it existed forever and was neglected throughout ages makes it sadder. But as we braced ourselves to face the turn of the 20th century, we also started taking mental health seriously. We all feel gloomy, sad, and a bit off at times, these are some of the basic signs which we ignore and these same signs turn themselves into symptoms, further advancing to depression. In today’s world, mental health has become a very important issue. A study recently revealed that 3 in every 5 teenagers in the UK are clinically depressed. These are very sickening statistics. But, like every problem, this one also has a solution: Yoga.Yes, you read it right, since the 1970s yoga was studied for being the treatment to depression and as a result, has become more popular in the medical field. Get going and grab your yoga mat bag now! Hatha yoga is the one which is practiced the most in the United Kingdom. Hatha yoga is a combination of physical movements along with deep breathing techniques and meditation. The fact that yoga produces a soothing and healing balance is the reason why it is said to cure depression. The stretching and strengthening movements flush out all the toxins from the body as well. Most of our lifestyle these days is primarily sedimentary, whether it’s sitting in front of a desk or sitting in front of a computer. Yoga makes us give up that lazy lifestyle, it makes us grab our yoga mat bag and meditation cushion and do some good to our own body. Yoga brings the body and the spirit together and is a union of mind, body, and soul and principally, it keeps your stress at bay.

Starting yoga would be the most joyful decision of your life. It has brought smiles on the faces of many people suffering from mental health issues. It has brought smiles on their faces. The yoga mat bag has become a very essential thing in their life. It has all been very carefully studied and verified. Studies show that people who started the yoga regime have improved their depression scores by 50%, anxiety by 30% and overall personality by 50%. These results demonstrate the fact that yoga indeed is a very impressive medicine. Hatha yoga also includes meditation, which is considered to be the only thing closest to absolute inner peace. Meditation cushions are doing wonders all over the world, giving you a comfortable and smooth positioning for a smooth mind. In today's world peace is something we all need, everyone in the society should start their day by yoga and meditation. Apart from being the most refreshing feeling in the world, yoga also guarantees inner peace and stable mental health, two things that we all need the most. It is time that we all grab our yoga mat bags and meditation cushions and start doing something that is not only beneficial to us as individuals but as a society.

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