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How Do Parents Influence Their Children’s Eating Habits?

Author: John Sarkis
by John Sarkis
Posted: Aug 04, 2019

Children tend to learn everything from their home, and eating is no different. Yes, the way the parents talk about food, cook, and eat together are essential for developing healthy eating habits on a child. Have you ever wondered how your kid imitates you? Young buds watch and imitate adults and learn everything from their parents. Likewise, kids can also pick up on their parent’s attitudes about food. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to make them eat healthy food.

The earlier you teach your child to eat healthy habits the better it could be. In fact, it will help your child develop healthy eating habits later in life. Today, most of the children spend their time in the child care centres dee why. The teachers at the dee why children's centre also play a vital role in shaping your kid’s eating habits.

How to positively influence your child’s eating habits?

Ask yourself these questions – Do you snack every day? Do you skip breakfast? Do you drink soda rather than milk? Do you eat high calorie fast food items? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all these questions, then you are teaching unhealthy eating habits to your child. The change starts from you rather than expecting it from your kid.

Eat together

Make it a habit to eat any of the meals together with your children as a family. However, ensure this eating environment should positively impact on your children’s eating habits. In fact, children who eat with their family tend to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Having regular meal time every day creates a healthy routine. Do not let your child eat whenever they want as they won’t be hungry when it is time to have their meal. Also, they may over eating during the day.

Never Force your child to eat

If you force your kid to eat, it may actually make them eat less. Although you are responsible for providing healthy food choices to your kid, they have to be allowed to decide to eat how much they want to eat.

Never use food as a reward or punishment

Using food as a reward or punishment is a bad idea, and it will eventually lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Buy healthy foods

Ensure to buy healthy foods as the food items available on your fridge, cupboards, and freezer is what your child will get used to eating.

If your child is going to day care, check with the dee why early childhood centre as they provide menus in advance so you can see them and change them if you need. However, it is okay to get your child candies, milkshakes ice cream, pastries, etc. But, ensure it is once in a while as too much of anything is good for anything.

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