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Different types of seed beads available online for you

Author: Axel Price
by Axel Price
Posted: Jul 05, 2014

One problem that you never have when choosing seed beads is lack of options. There are just too many different types that you can pick up. And more the variety of beads that you buy, more creative can you afford to be. Bugle beads, cylinder beads and Charlotte cut beads are some of the types of beads that are available in most of the online stores.

Before World War II, glass beads were mostly produced in the Bohemian region. Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia were the best producers of glass beads. Beads produced in Germany, France and Italy were also popular across Europe and the other continents. The beads of those times, pre World War II that is, are now considered rare and they are rather expensive. The best quality, less expensive beads are now produced in Japan. The other countries where beads of slightly lesser quality are produced are India, Czech Republic, China and Taiwan.

Seed beads can be of different finishes and colours – transparent, translucent and opaque. Beads with matte finish can also be seen these days. There are also the beads with lustre and bronze, copper and silver lined beads. Some of the beads also have a rainbow effect on the surface and these are known as Aurora Borealis beads.

Now let us look at the three types of seed beads that you can buy.

Cylinder beads are Japanese and they are highly popular. Invented by Masayoshi Katsuoka, these beads have flattened ends and smooth textures. They are mostly uniform in their structure.

Charlotte cut beads have part of their surface cut to produce more shine. Some of these beads are hard to find. The number of cuts can be two or three.

Bugle beads are tubular in shape and they are longer than they are thicker. Bugle beads can be available in various lengths. The usual size range varies between half inch and two inches. Some of these beads can also be twisted to offer a different look.

The market for beads is large because they are in demand throughout the world. In some of the African countries, beads are used to produce traditional jewellery items. Many African women love to wear jewellery made of multi-coloured beads. Bead jewellery is also popular in India and the other countries of the subcontinent. As far as Europe is concerned, bead jewellery is popular in many countries. Young girls in many of the European countries, if not all, love to play with beads as they create their own bead designs. And for the purpose of designing jewellery, seed beads are deemed to be perfect because of their colours, their sizes and their shapes.

It makes great sense to let children create jewellery with seed beads. They can come up with some astonishing designs. You may not even realize that your girl child is so creative and you get to know that when you let them use the beads for creative designing. Let them use bugle beads and other beads and you could be delighted.

There are many types of seed beads you can buy online, including bugle beads.

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