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7 Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cold in Singapore

Author: Letscoolaircon Singapore
by Letscoolaircon Singapore
Posted: Aug 05, 2019

Air conditioner is one of the most important devices in aircon servicing Singapore. This country has tropical climate. If you live in Singapore, you probably need the best air conditioning system for your daily activities. This device is very important to cool down your room's temperature. However, there are some cases when your air conditioner is not cold. In this article, there are 7 possible reasons why your aircon is not cold anymore.

Dirty air filter

This is one reason why your aircon repair unit cannot work properly. A good air conditioner system requires a well maintained air filter to flow cool air to your room. When the air filter is dirty, your air conditioner will not be able to cool your house effectively. You have to make sure to check and clean the air filter at least once a month. A well maintained air conditioner can work properly to cool your room aircon servicing singapore.

2. Blocked condenser

Condenser is an important part in your aircon maintenance to produce cool air for your room. When the condenser is blocked, your air conditioner is not able to flow cool air to your room. In most cases, some dirts or dusts usually block the condenser. That is the reason why you need to clean your condenser at least once a month. This cleaning process is important to avoid any debris build up on the condenser aircon service in singapore.

3. Frozen condenser

In some cases, the condenser may be frozen if the air conditioner does not work properly. Frozen condenser is another reason why you have problems with your aircon. When the condenser is frozen, this unit is not able to work properly to cool your room. If is important to do the basic maintenance process in order to prevent any frozen condenser. A good maintenance process is needed to make your air conditioner works properly best aircon service.

4. Leaked refrigerant

This is another reason why your trusted aircon service company is not cold anymore. This is one of the most common problems that may be suffered by people living in Singapore. In most cases, people usually do not want to change the leaked refrigerant. As the result, their air conditioner cannot work properly. It is important for you to substitute your leaked refrigerant. Substituting your refrigerant can be better than fixing it aircon servicing price.

5. Dirty evaporator

Evaporator is one of the most important parts in the air conditioner. This part is needed to make sure that the air conditioner to work properly. If the evaporator is dirty, your air conditioner may not work effectively to cool your room. It is important to clean all parts of your aircon system, including the evaporator, at least once a year to clean all parts from dusts or debris aircon service company.

6. Broken thermostat

This is another reason why your aircon servicing promotion is not cold anymore. Some air conditioners work based on the performance of the thermostat. Without having proper thermostat, the air conditioner may not work properly general aircon service. You need to check your thermostat frequently to make sure that this part can work well.

7. Incorrect size

This is another common problem in Singapore. There are many people who choose too small air conditioner system for their large room. It is important for you to choose the right sized unit in order to cool your room effectively aircon general service. That is the reason why you should measure your room first before choosing the best air conditioner unit for your room aircon gas topup.

Those are some possible reasons why your air conditioner is not cold anymore aircon chemical overhaul. You have to check your aircon system frequently. A well maintained unit is able to cool your room very effectively. Make sure that you clean your unit at least once in every month to keep your unit working properly aircon chemical wash.

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