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How digital marketing can help your business grow faster and be cost effective

Author: Greencode Digital
by Greencode Digital
Posted: Aug 08, 2019
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nce we are in an era where we begin our day with digital devices and end with the same, it goes without saying that people these days tend to have a glance at what comes on their gadgets first. This not only gives a proper boost to the minds of the users but also cost less than that of conventional marketing. This has been observed that people simply get engrossed with their handy gadgets even when T.V. is on. If one searches something on a search engines these days and fails to get it there they begin to suspect a company’s profile. Digital marketing has been gaining momentum due to access to the internet by all. Technology has been revolutionised just because humans have been trying to invent something or the other that makes our lives more comfortable and efficient.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing simply means to market something through the gadgets that run on the internet. In digital marketing, almost all social media are used resulting in the awareness of the products being marketed. As a matter of fact, the paid ones are likely to get a proper boost compared to the free ones. This is to be noted that there are certain features on social media that permit a common person to create a page or a group and they are free of cost. Interestingly the number of social media users in the world has been increasing rapidly and it is estimated that by the year 2019 there will more than 2.77 billion people who will use it.

How to Market Your Business OnlineBlogging

Blogging is one of the most effective mediums through which people can be reached. This can be done by creating a website of one’s own or by using free platforms like Google blogger. Frequent blogs can be so effective because those who read blogs will be bound to follow it. The question arises why a user will read it, they will do so as they get free information on it.

Video Tutorials

Since watching is more enlightening than reading, Video tutorials are supposed to satisfy people’s needs in a better way. For instance, YouTube users tend to watch a videos more, especially the ones that relate to them. The total number of people who use YouTube is 13 million. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Now this is obvious that if we run our ads on it how effective it’s going to be.

Email Marketing

Gone are the days when people used to send letters. Almost everyone relies on emails. Since it’s the fastest possible method, all prefer to email, especially in the world trade and business. Formal emails are valid and reliable all over the world as it’s created by some reputed companies. It’s human tendency to have a glance on the emails soon after they receive. Like a normal text emails can be received immediately and one doesn’t have to operate their PC notebooks for this as it is accessible on smartphones. The question is: Who doesn’t use smartphones nowadays?

Social Media Marketing

Almost all people have accounts on some sort of social media. Some of these media are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. It’s possible all may not have accounts on all, but they definitely have accounts on some media or the other. So far as paid marketing is concerned they get boosted by the concerned companies that makes an ad circulated in the fastest possible way. Not only this, but they keep hammering the users until they respond.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is popularly known as SEO. This is interesting to know that people use search engines for almost everything, right from a food item to home appliances. In this situation it’s very important which link appears on the top and here is the role of SEO. If SEO is not there it can’t appear there at all.

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