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Get Rack Servers To Grow Your Business

Author: Suresh Negi
by Suresh Negi
Posted: Aug 08, 2019
rack server A server can be called as a device that provides functionality for the other devices often called as the clients. There is a number of functionalities that a server can provide for a client e.g. performing of calculations for a client or sharing of resources and data among multiple clients. Multiple clients can use a single server and a single client can also use multiple servers.

Severs often come in many different configurations e.g. blade server, rack server and tower server. Among them, rack server is much attractive and versatile due to its flexible configuration and many capabilities.

So, what is a rack server?

As the name suggests a rack server is a server mounted in a framework called a rack. There are multiple mounting slots in the rack called bays. These bays are designed to hold hardware units in place.

A single rack holds multiple servers stacked one above the other, minimizing the space requirement and making overall hardware more effective by consolidating network resources. A cooling system is also required to make sure that hardware doesn’t heat-up due to stacked hardware.

Why buy a rack server?

If you are looking to buy a server for your business then you should consider the following points: ( Also Refer to this blog)

  • Cost-effectiveness

Rack servers can be a cost-effective solution to your business and can make your business more efficient in less amount of money being spent on infrastructure cost.

  • Self-contained

Each rack server can work as a stand-alone device as each rack server has its own CPU, power source and memory. This enables you to run extensive computing operations on a single rack.

  • Efficiency

Rack servers are highly efficient as they use limited space and can be expanded easily with additional processors, storage and memory.

  • Low maintenance cost

As rack servers can be installed in a small space this reduces the cost of the maintenance and can be beneficial for small business and enterprises.

Standard unit to measure a rack is units (U) and standard racks are of the size 19 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall. There are the different height of rack servers available e.g. 1U, 4U, 10U or higher.

Points to consider before buying

  • Processor/GPU support

Before you buy server online you should first consider which capability will benefit your business more. If your business uses applications that will benefit from the parallel processing capabilities of a GPU-integrated rack server than you should opt for it. And if your business benefits from high core count CPU then you should go for it.

  • Storage capability

You can increase or decrease the storage capacity of your server rack with ease. Choose the best storage device that fulfills the need for your applications and business. If your business generates a vast amount of data then its always a good idea to go for large capacity storage so that your system can handle your daily operations with ease.

The decision to choose a perfect server for your business depends totally on the nature of your business and the challenges of your company. And rack server can fulfill each and every requirement of your data storage and application processing with ease.

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