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The Basics of R Programming and why it is good for business?

Author: Prerna Mehta
by Prerna Mehta
Posted: Aug 09, 2019

Introduction to R Programming

R Language is a programming language which was founded by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in 1993. R has access to an extensive range of graphical and statistical methods. R Language Course includes machine learning algorithms, time series, linear regression, and statistical inference all of which are very important for business management and thriving.

It becomes prudent for students to enroll in R Programming Language Courses in Delhi because R is not only preferred programming used by academic institutions but also many large companies are nowadays taking the help of this language to flourish their business in respective capacities. These big-league companies include Uber, Airbnb, Google, Facebook among many who will employ you in a heartbeat with this language added to your skill proficiency.

Why is Data Analysis done by the R Programming so relatable?

Data analysis done in collaboration with R Programming could be broken down into a number of steps. These steps make data analysis done with R Programming so relatable in business.

  • Program: R is an accessible and clear programming tool.

  • Transform: R is build up with an accumulation of huge collection of data, designed keeping in mind its application in data science.

  • Discover: R Programming enables the business to breakdown the data, zero-down a hypothesis and undertakes a thorough investigation on them.

  • Model: R Language arms the user with a wide range of tools to build up the right model which can collate the data relatable to your business.

  • Communicate: R Language helps in the integration of codes, outputs, and graphs to finally build applications. It even assists in generating a report with R Markdown.

The various uses of R in the industry

If we look at the widespread use of R Programming Language, it can be seen that academics come first when it comes to the use of this Language. Furthermore, R is a programming language which is significant when you talk about statistics. R is also widely being adopted in the healthcare industry, and the government and consulting industries are the next to follow the trend.

Why should students select R Programming Language as a career option?

Data science is paving its way to the corporate world as everyone would want to run their businesses scientifically. Without a doubt, enrolling yourself in this Language courses and data collaboration will eventually result in a brighter career option than your competitors.

Over the past decade, the percentage of question-views has witnessed a sharp increase for R Programming if compared to other languages. This trend has a very proportionate relationship with the highly developing age of data scientists but, there is no denying that this Language is an inseparable part if one has decided to make their career in data science.

Also, a fact which students need to keep in mind is that learning R Programming without a solid background in statistics is nothing short of stupidity. Data scientists are not the code programmers. As a data scientist equipped with the R Programming Language, you would be required to understand and manipulate the data and bringing out the best solution for the quirky business problems.

Is learning R Programming difficult?

Research scholars and Data Scientists are learning R as the medium to solve their needs when it comes to data analysis. This is how important R programming has become a career option. R Programming becomes simple and easy to learn as you go along. All you need to do is enroll yourself in R Programming Language Courses in Delhi, to get a solid background in Data as you obviously possess a logical mind to interpret it.

Also, it should not be forgotten that R was built keeping in mind the language of S programming which means that it was conceived as a programming language that would enable a student to learn to program while also having easy access to the data. Consequently, there is nothing easy or difficult, if you have a knack for it.

Uses of R Programming Language in the Real World

  • The job of Data Scientist has been referred by Harvard Business Review as the "sexiest job of the 21st Century". And a data scientist equipped with the R Programming Language course is a statistician with an extra asset.

  • R Programming is also equipped with charting properties, which means that as a statistician, not only can you can plot the data but can also create eye-catching visualizations from any set of data.


The article proves that enrolling in R Programming courses in Delhi could prove to be a valuable investment in a student's life and could help them get lucrative jobs in the future.

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