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How To Handle Cloudy Title While Selling Your House St. Petersburg, Florida.

Author: Jason Benoit
by Jason Benoit
Posted: Aug 22, 2019

Sometimes people think they own their home when they don't (or don't own it obviously). In such a case, the issue is that generally what is known as the cloudy title – a situation where a search for the title shows that the real estate proprietor is uncertain.

In the case of cloudy title, a property can not be sold and the title can not be transmitted to a buyer, so both buyers and seller are concerned about it. Let's see how to manage cloudy title.

What Is Cloudy Title and What Causes It?

A title cloud (which results in a cloudy title) is any claim, burden, lien, or document that could impair or invalidate a property title. This makes the title questionable and the property's sale hard or impossible until the issue is resolved.

Cloudy title is generally found during the quest for the title that lenders require. Lenders don’t want to put up money till they know the title to the property is clear.

Cloudy title is generally the consequence of problems with unresolved assets. Such problems could include proceedings for the foreclosure launched in reaction to a default borrower. In this case, because the title is not clear, the delinquent borrower can not sell the St. Petersburg, Florida home.

While there is a cloud on the name, it would be unattractive to consumers even if that borrower could sell the St. Petersburg, Florida home.Apart from lenders ' links, a mechanics lien is another prevalent cause of cloudy name.

These links are put on a property when contracting and then performing some kind of building job, but payment (or complete payment) has not been made. Until all labor and material expenses have been paid, a mechanic's lien will remain in location. The lien is tied to the property, not the owner, which means that a buyer would assume responsibility for it.

Probate and associated problems of inheritance and property can also lead to cloudy title. Ownership of a probate property may be unsure if a deceased fails to define obviously who controls the property or owns the property.

And the cloudy headline sometimes results from fraud. It sometimes happens that fake deeds are effectively registered as lawful, and this later generates confusion about ownership of assets.

Possible Steps to Handle Cloudy Title

The first thing you need to do is review the cloudy title report. From extra owners to dubious ownership, Selling Your St. Petersburg, Florida Home. Title cloud can be anything. Contact a title officer and/or an attorney after reviewing the report. Then you have the following options, depending on the particular cloud on title, to handle cloudy title:


Contact any private parties listed on the title that do not have property rights and ask for a quitclaim to be executed. This removes them from the title chain and clears the cloud.


Sometimes the lender still has a claim to the land even after a mortgage has been paid off because it has never been withdrawn. In such a case, you can contact the lender and have them perform a reconveyance certificate. This act lifts the right of the lender to the estate and removes from the ancient, paid-off loan any cloud on title.

Meet Obligations to Remove Liens

Sellers who find a cloud on title arising from unpaid debt liabilities can pay off the debts and ask for removal of the liabilities. But if you pay the debt and the lien holder refuses to remove the lien, you may need to go to court to release the lien.


If all else fails, a quiet title action may have to be filed. This is a specialized type of lawsuit in which you demonstrate your right to the title of the property and thus the court removes clouds. This strategy should operate if you can properly demonstrate your right to the title, and the tribunal will remove clouds.

It can be a complicated and legally complex undertaking to handle cloudy title. You should employ an attorney without any experience and go through a title company. In this region too, a skilled real estate agent has expertise and can provide some advice. You don't have to go by yourself.

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