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4 Ways to hack someone's WhatsApp Messenger without survey

Author: Prince Moga
by Prince Moga
Posted: Aug 11, 2019

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most common apps used for communication in today’s world. Not just personal communication, nowadays people use it for official communication as well. In such cases, there might be instances where monitoring business partners is required.

Another example can be to find out if your child is being bullied and if then yes, then by whom. If you are willing to find out who the person is texting, there are two ways to hack the device. Either it can be done manually, or online by using hacking apps, very famous these days.

The best options for such hacking apps are mentioned below.

1. Using Cocospy to hack WhatsApp Messenger

Cocospy is globally recognised hacking app used by millions of people in more than 190 countries. It has been honoured by big outlets like Tom's Guide, Forbes and many more. Using Cocospy website to hack someone’s WhatsApp Messenger is an easy and undetectable process.

The size of the app is hardly 2MB and takes less than 5 minutes to download and install. The battery consumption of the app is negligible. Cocospy helps you to monitor the call logs, messages and much more features of the target device.

Also, Cocospy has one of the most advanced features of cutting edge technology. Another feature includes the fact that Cocospy doesn’t require you to root the device. This is true even if you want to monitor social media applications.

So now the question comes in your mind ‘How can hack WhatsApp

  • on Cocospy? Well here it is:

For Android phones, the app Cocospy needs to be downloaded on the target device. By registering and signing up on the Cocospy website, you will be able to monitor. The information can be spied on by using the control panel. Hence, you can spy on the user’s Whatsapp.

There is no need to root the device. As for an iOS device, downloading the app on the target device is not required. Monitoring can be done using the iCloud account details. There is no need to perform a jailbreak.

2. Using Spyic to hack WhatsApp Messenger

Another globally recognised app for hacking WhatsApp messenger is Spyic. With features similar to that of Cocospy, Spyic also lets you monitor the call logs, messages etc. The location of the target device can be detected using Spyic.

This app takes less than 5 minutes to download and does not consume much of the device’s battery. The size of the app is small too, that is less than 2MB. Due to these reasons, the app remains undetectable and its icon is deleted automatically after use.

With recognitions from big brands like CNET, Forbes, The Times, etc., Spyic has an exceedingly well reputation. Not to forget, its cutting edge technology is the most advanced feature, not seen in any other hacking apps. If using Spyic, rooting the device is not required.

2.1 Process of hacking WhatsApp messenger using Spyic

  • Manually download the app on the target Android device

  • Log in or create a new account on the website

  • Buy the suitable subscription

  • Upon receiving the confirmation mail, sync the target device and start monitoring the WhatsApp messenger

Note, for iOS users, downloading the app is not required and neither is jailbreak. Messages can be viewed by just putting in the details of the iCloud account used in the target device. Both ways, remote access is provided to ensure a smooth process.

3. Using PhoneSpying to hack WhatsApp Messenger

Parents these days look for an option where touching their children’s phones is not required to hack them. PhoneSpying is another such way of doing that. It is also used by professionals to find out about employees.

You do not have to be a technical expert to use PhoneSpying, the process can be easily done. The first step is to buy a suitable subscription as mentioned on the PhoneSpying website. Next step is to confirm your email id by opening the email sent by PhoneSpying.

You will then be able to access your control panel. Monitoring the target device requires first downloading the app on it. By logging in to your PhoneSpying account, you will gain access to the messages and the chats.

4. Using TheTruthSpy to hack WhatsApp Messenger

TheTruthSpy can be used to hack someone’s WhatsApp messenger through both Android and iOS devices. Along with the messages, access to media files of WhatsApp will also be provided. The process of activation through TheTruthSpy is uncomplicated.

The first step for using TheTruthSpy is to buy the premium subscription provided on its official website. Next, create an account by signing up and get access to the target’s WhatsApp messenger by logging in. Also, for this the software of TheTruthSpy needs to installed on the target device beforehand.

After installing, link the devices and launch the app. Upon finishing, control is provided to you through the FlexiSpy dashboard on your device. Click on Data and IM buttons to monitor the WhatsApp messenger.

As a conclusion, the first two options are the leaders of the hacking apps in the phone monitoring industry. The other two are good options too and can be used as alternatives. Rest remains to your discretion.

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Prince Moga is a techy geek who loves to write about anything that is directly or remotely connected with technology. From hardcore tech stories to the overall influence of technology in life, Prince is passionate about all things internet.

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