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Benefits of Using Laminated Business Cards

Author: Claudia Spooner
by Claudia Spooner
Posted: Aug 12, 2019

The market for the business cards is growing every day. Most of the manufacturers have now come out with the innovative products in order to meet the demand of the business cards. Many people are not aware of the advantages of the laminated business cards.

The process of laminating a business card is not that tough. It’s quite easy and simple. When you laminate your business card, it can protect it from the dirt and the damage because of misuse. Another advantage of lamination is that these cards become durable and does not need any replacement. When a layer of plastic is imposed on the business card, it’s protects from the damage of the different substances.

Laminating the business card will help you in getting with the new business. As the laminated business cards will last longer than the other normal cards, your customers will contact you which will help you to get new business. Another benefit of lamination is that it will reduce the reprinting cost. The lamination cards will last longer than the ordinary cards and you don’t have to reprint these as they don’t get damaged.

The lamination improves the design of the business card and helps to stand out from the rest for the cards. Whenever you give your card to any client, the first thing which will impress him or her client is visual appearance of your business card. The slick design of the bus nests card will make these to stand out and will give you an edge over the competitors.

The major drawback for using the laminated business cards is that it’s quite difficult to write on the cards. Since, the cards have a plastic coat over it, only special type of markers can be used in these cards. By using the plastic exterior is the drawback for the people who want to write notes behind the business cards. So, it’s very important that you need to use only the laminated pouches on which you can write. These pouches are a bit expensive compared to the ordinary ones.

The cost of the laminated business cards depends on the lamination required and the pouches which are used. The simple laminated business cards are not that expensive compared to the ordinary business card. If you prefer to use the business card that has the writable surface, they you have a pay a good price. These cards are preferred by several businesses who will not mind to pay extra in order to grab immediate attention of the clients.

The laminated business cards can attract the attention of the client and can retail your customer. Even if you have to pay a bit extra, you can recover it by saving on the printing cost in future.

Advantages of Plastic Business Cards

The plastic business cards can change the impression of your business. These types of cards not only initiate a business at any point of time but also say many things about its specialty. Following are the benefits of plastic business cards:

Satisfaction of the Customers

The satisfied customer is a repeated customer. The plastic business cards, with their uniqueness and beauty, will give you several satisfied customers.

Reduced Marketing Expenses

The plastic business cards are long-lasting. Getting the plastic discount card is a simple way to reduce marketing costs as the owners of these cards will make better deals than the people who don’t possess these cards. This benefit will attract the people to get these cards.

Targeted Campaigns

The information that you receive from the plastic cards will allow you to adjust your service for the group of customers. Through the printed plastic cards, you can gather loads of information with custom-made data and details.

Increase in Repeated Business

These cards increase business and intensify the repeated business. The plastic business cards can make the customers feel extraordinary. They will feel familiar with your company. They can also get benefits and discounts from these business cards.


The custom plastic cards are simple in look and it will help in providing benefits to your customers. Some of the cards have features which will accu8mulkate if the card contains the magnetic strip.

Business Card Designs for the Financial Advisors

The financial advisors have certain image that they always need to portray and which comes in the business cards. The financial advisors have to show their formality, stability, conservativeness along with the reputation of the company.

So, the design if the business card is very important is this field as you are dealing with the money. This is a large business are there are thousands of financial advisors to select from, so the first impression is the large factor. The design of the cards must be bold and traditional. You must show them that you can 9invest the money while taking risk in order to ensure profit. There must not be any bright images of colors, just the confident lettering and a small clip art design.

You must have the company logo in your business card. The brand name of the company is what people look for while selecting the financial advisor. The larger is the company, the more trustworthy the consumers will be. The color business cards will make your business more attractive to people. The colors that you are using must not be bright. Forest green or deep blue colors shows importance without seeming arrogant. While investing the money, the customers are not looking for the new trends; they will look for the performance.

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