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RecoVib Tiny: A Tiny Device That Transformed The Industry

Author: Gaxce Sensors
by Gaxce Sensors
Posted: Aug 13, 2019
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Every the industry that involved employs moving parts produces vibrations. While the level of vibration may vary depending upon the precision with which the part has been made and the maintenance schedule followed, vibrations cannot be eliminated completely. However, its level and intensity may be carefully monitored with the help of vibration monitoring equipment and measured with the help of vibration measurement devices. By keeping a close watch on the vibration levels, the ill effects of vibrations can be easily avoided.

However, in the practical world, monitoring and measurement of vibrations is an extremely difficult task. While in a carefully appointed laboratory, it is easy to measure the vibrations, the same set-up cannot be deployed in a practical industrial shop-floor.

Unfortunately, the vibration measurement devices and three axis vibration sensor and data logger used till now were very fragile and inaccurate in nature making it extremely difficult to have both a robust instrument that is even precise.

Gaxce Sensor has recently launched the most advanced industrial accelerometer in India can also measure and monitor vibrations. The RecoVibe Tiny model is the most advanced industrial accelerometer in India that can measure and monitor vibrations effectively and accurately for a variety of industrial applications.

Made with aluminium, this instrument is so small that it can even fit your closed palm. However, its size is misleading. The RecoVibe Tiny is one of the most solidly built instruments with water and dust resistance up to IP65. Besides this, the body of the device is made strong enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the shop floor or any other locations where it is deployed. With a 6-hour long battery back-up and 2 GB in-built memory, this little wonder has quickly become the preferred choice of multiple industries which want sturdiness as well as precision when it comes to measuring and monitoring vibrations.

After installation in difficult or dangerous locations, it can relay the collected data wirelessly to a connected computer or a smartphone without jeopardizing any human lives. It is capable of collecting precise and accurate data to the extent of 1024 samples/second making it the preferred choice of a wide range of industry.

The best part of the RecoVib Tiny model is its use as a triaxial industrial accelerometer. While the most instruments available in the market today are only bi-axial and that too with a limited level of accuracy, this small wonder from Gaxce Sensor is not only the most advanced but also the most accurate and precise triaxial industrial accelerometer available in the Indian market today.

The two main highlights of this instrument are that it can even be used as a network of devices to give a clearer picture of the vibration level of a profile of larger structures like bridges etc. Secondly, it comes with its own Suite computer software, it is extremely easy to collect and analyze data gathered by the accelerometer. The software can even be installed in a smartphone to analyze the data on-the-go. The raw data, as well as the analyzed data, can then be stored in multiple formats like a txt or a CSV file for easy transport and further analysis.

Made by Gaxce Sensors in its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Pune, RecoVib Tiny has changed the Indian accelerometer market since its launch. With its highly skilled staff and years of experience in this market, Gaxce Sensor is already India’s leading manufacturer of such industrial instruments. But with RecoVib Tiny, Gaxce Sensors has achieved a formidable position not only in the Indian market but also in international markets.

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Gaxce Sensors (OPC) Pvt Ltd. is a company specializing in providing instruments in Automotive, Locomotive, Noise and vibration, Environment, Institutes & research industries. We provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to our clients.

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