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Ultimate Guide to Meditation Cushion

Author: Wendy Martin
by Wendy Martin
Posted: Aug 13, 2019

Our meditation cushion/pillow contours your skin and also, makes you feel more comfortable and supportive. By raising your pelvis gently while still holding your legs (unlike many other pillows of meditation) it allows your legs to shift softly towards the floor. It helps your spine to curve in its beautiful natural state and thus, produces the comfortable yoga position that we all are looking.

There are many kinds of meditation cushions sold by Complete Unity Yoga. Earlier, the yogis had no technology, so they made pillows from grass and slept on them and practiced yoga also on them. They put these pads under their heads, and if it ever needed, they would also use them as a security. If there were dew on the grounds, the nuns and monks would put their clothes on the floor and sit on them. They could sleep with their ankles folded for hours and their mouths in profound meditation position, which is half-closed. Though it is prevalent these days, these pillows are not simple to find even today. Imagine if such yoga cushions are available to you–it would likely be a real task to sit for long stretches!

In modern-day Asia–in India and Nepal, for example–individuals often sleep on the floor, as they have for years, on pads to do their daily tasks. School kids in coastal regions may use a cow house during daylight hours as a classroom, sleeping on the straw while the cow is running out. Meals are often done in upscale households as well as sitting on a carpet and pillows around a small desk.

People who have been seating cross-legged on the ground since their infancy often have an easier time to adapt to conventional meditation postures such as lotus position than people who are used to benches, as are most of the westerners. If you do yoga, dance, exercise, or any other physical activity it helps in enhancing flexibility. You will also probably find it very simple to adjust to sitting on a cushion.

It’s also an excellent practice for males to practice yoga on a men’s yoga mat. As you exercise, your body will become more and more used to and comfortable, practicing yoga and exercise. But if you have any indications of persistent pain or discomfort, see your doctor and do not overdo it.

Beautiful pillows, v-shaped pillow, men’s yoga mats, and zafus are available at Complete Unity Yoga. The cushion of zafu practice is around comparatively firm pad from Japan. For Zazen (Japanese Zen practice), it is usually sewn from thick cloth and packed with a sticky fabric like kapok. Many Japanese meditation tales involve zafus, such as the one with a Zen master who during his years of exercise walked through 8 zafu covers; he carried them out consecutively, and each came up nearly plain as a pancake.

If you love to practice yoga, then shop for your desired products from our store and enjoy your sessions in the best way.

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I share information about yoga and yoga accessories. This content will help the learners to learn or practice correctly. If you want to buy the best Yoga Mat, Contact Complete Unity Yoga.

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