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How to Optimize your Website for Google Rankbrain?

Author: Ashar Jamil
by Ashar Jamil
Posted: Aug 14, 2019
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If you have heard about the term ‘Rankbrain’, you must know that it is the third most important ranking signal for Google. It helps Google to filter through billions of search results. This algorithm simply evaluates different search queries in "real-time" and give some highly relevant findings on SERP’s. and this is all because RankBrain helps your website gain super-awesome results in ranking.

To get ahead of the competitors, SEO agencies in Australia have started following some reliable ways to optimize your sites perfectly for Google Rankbrain.

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a systematic form of Artificial Intelligence that helps Google to filter and process some large portions of queries, so the displayed results look relevant and reflective to the search intent. RankBrain uses advanced techniques such as AI and machine learning along with the ability to predict the actual meaning and relevancy to show the best possible and matching results.

RankBrain performs the basic functions of answering new search queries effectively and understanding what search results should appear for the limited searched queries.

Optimize your website for Google Ranakbrain:

Now you must have enough idea about RankBrain, let’s discuss how should you make the website optimized for Google Rankbrain.

Build a good reputation for your website:

Its recommended spending some time and research what your audience wants to see. What kind of content would be attractive to engage them? For example, if the audience is startup companies, then they would be most interested in the topics to grow, establish and mark themselves good in the industry. Understand what they would like to read and follow and create content around such areas.

Choose embed videos, attractive gifs, and engaging images, or use any inspirational media content. This would help you increase engagement which would further help to create a strong brand reputation. The more time users will spend on the website, the more attractive and relevant it would appear to the website.

Optimize for medium tail keywords:

The style Rankbrain works, long-tail keywords may become the history soon. Previously Google used to fetch search results which were based on the exact keyword query. So, you may get different results for ‘best SEO companies in Adelaide’ and for ‘SEO Adelaide’.

But now, RankBrain has got efficient enough to understand that these queries are the same and have an exact meaning. So, it would give the same result. So, a better way to optimize for RankBrain is to optimize for medium tail keywords first. When you optimize for medium tail keywords it would give you an automatic optimization for even long-tail keywords.

Create engaging content for users:

RankBrain mainly put the focus on creating engaging content. If are creating the best content, it’s possible to optimize your website quickly. But if your content is not engaging, your CTR will eventually drop. The audience will never come back to your site and it would lead to low ranking in Rankbrain.

It has been observed that Rankbrain is making difficult for sites to get ranked easily. But there is always a better solution to every problem. You are not required to focus so much on finding relevant keywords. Like if you are writing about ‘keyword ranking in SEO’ Rankbrain will pick ‘SEO’ or other related terms. That’s the reason, words like "keywords" and "SEO" would also consider as the best search queries.

Improve your CTR:

The quality score algorithm in Google simply rates the website on quality of content and keywords. The click-through rate is a significant part of the scoring algorithm. It provides an idea of overall user experience. The higher is your CTR, the more efficient will be for your website.

Rankbrain usually follows human decisions, so you need to ensure that users are clicking on the links. The high CTR is much important for the success of Rankbrain strategy. One better way to get higher CTR is to make sure that your content is engaging & well-written. It’s important to optimize the landing pages to increase CTR.

If you are looking to optimize for RankBrain, it's most important to follow all the above-mentioned steps. RankBrain simply affects the way Google returns all the search results. This would make the rankings obtained through some old SEO tactics which are quite vulnerable as well.

So, in all, Google Rankbrain can more searches easier, user-oriented and helpful in several ways. So, it’s quite important to put a focus on all the steps and engage your target audience.

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