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Lawn Mowers: Buy or Lease

Author: Ggm Groundscare
by Ggm Groundscare
Posted: Aug 15, 2019
lawn mowers

In most of the industries where there are bug lawns or in the farmhouses, one needs to have a commercial ride on lawn mowers. Because the area is too big, so one cannot buy the walk or push mowers. But commercial or industrial lawn mowers are very costly. Also, one may not need them every time. That is why many people suggest that one should take these lawn mowers on lease instead of buying them. However, there are many companies and industries who prefer to buy these lawn mowers. So, if you are also confused that whether you should buy a lawnmower or you should take one on the lease, then let’s see what is better to do.

Cost required

Not all gardening tools are cheaper. Most of the gardening tools like Husqvarna Automower 430x are a bit costlier. And, for buying them one needs to invest a lot of money. Whereas, when you will take these gardening tools on the lease, you will have to pay very less amount. In fact, you can take them on lease only for the month you need them. This means you will have to pay a very minimal amount for using these mowers. So, if we see the total cost required in buying and leasing, it is better to take it on lease.

Replacement of the mowers

When you buy a mower, and in future, you plan to replace it, it is not possible. Often it happens that new technology or a mower with new features come in the market. At that time, people want to replace their mowers, but they are not able to do so. However, when you take the mowers on the lease, you can upgrade to new technology mowers any time. And whenever you need the mowers, you can choose the latest technology mower and can replace it with the old one.

Long-time use

If you are planning to use the mowers for a long time. And you have no plans of switching to another mower or changing or replacing your mower in nearby future. Then, buying the lawn mowers is a better idea. Because, when you will buy it for a long time, you will have to just pay the amount of the mower and it will be yours. But if you will take it on the lease, then every time you will have to pay money for it. And if we look with the long-term perspective, then it will be a loss for taking these lawn mowers on lease.

Maintenance of the mowers

Every machine or tool requires maintenance once in a while. The same applies to the lawn mowers also. Especially when you have a Kubota ride on lawn mower or professional lawn mowers. As they need proper and timely maintenance. So, if you have purchased the lawn mower, it is completely your responsibility to get its maintenance done. This means you will have to spend money from your pocket for the lawn mower’s maintenance. But if you will take it on the lease, you will not have to worry about the maintenance. As the company which provides the lawn mowers, will take care of its maintenance, and you will not have to spend extra money on it.

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