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Living in NJ with small kids

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Aug 12, 2019
new jersey

If you have small kids and you’re thinking of living in the state of New Jersey, we have some good news for you. Namely, New Jersey is a great place for your children to grow up in! While parents won’t like the fact that taxes are very high there, they should definitely consider sacrificing for their children. Quiet, serene nature, great schools, and the overall vibe of a peaceful, safe place will be great for your kids’ upbringing. And after all, after seeing the smile on your child’s face, you’ll come to realize that living in NJ with small kids is just what the doctor ordered!

Gorgeous nature is everywhere

Let’s begin with the beautiful nature. Wherever you live in New Jersey, you can, for starters, always easily visit the Jersey Shore. Amazing beaches and wonderful boardwalks await you and your kids there. Beach towns there exhibit a relaxed vibe, and are a great place for your kids to both visit and grow up in.

Beaches, however, are not the only water-related attraction in New Jersey. Lakes are another. If you and your kids are in the mood for some sun, beaches are the way to go. However, if you’re looking for cooling yourselves in some pleasant water, then you’ll love living in NJ and relaxing at its many lakes. Hooks Creek Lake (in Cheesequake State Park) and Lake Hopatcong (in Hopatcong State Park) are two outstanding lakes to visit, both featuring a specific atmosphere that’s perfect for chilling.

Unlike in some other parts of the USA, you and your children can enjoy these natural attractions in four different ways. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, we’ll quickly explain that New Jersey features all four seasons, each of them carrying a specific mood. Snow, Christmas trees and Santa Claus in the winter, the springing of nature and the melancholic feeling it slowly awakens during the spring, hot summers full of joy and, finally, the poetic, yellow, rainy falls, expanden your child’s aesthetic horizons in New Jersey.

Great schooling opportunities

Instead of boring you with dull statistics, we’ll just say that the public schools in New Jersey have been, according to some serious researches from well-established scientists, consistently producing some of the brightest youth that the United States of America has to offer.

After they’ve graduated your kids can enroll in one of the 62, in average, great colleges that this state has to offer. The fact that there’ll be a college for your kids near you, or that they could study most anything they like to (if their grades are good enough, of course), isn’t all that’s nice about NJ’s colleges. There’s also the fact that growing up in such a vicinity of academic life can prepare them and motivate them to become academic citizens themselves. Living in NJ with small kids should mean occasionally taking them to an interesting event at one of the local colleges, in order for them to soak up the atmosphere and see the benefits of academia.

Wonderful people and horizons-expanding cultural diversity

Another thing that makes living in NJ great (and not just if you have small kids) is the great cultural diversity there. All sorts of cultures can be found in New Jersey. Of course, that will probably be interesting to you as well, but such a surrounding is great for your kids and for expanding their horizons.

What’s more, they’ll also be able to learn more about the American underlying culture, while leaving in a historically rich environment. Churches, farms, schools, even entire historic villages are readily available for sightseeing and learning in a stimulating environment. New Jersey was one of the first states to accept the Constitution of the United States, and there are battlefields dating back to the Revolutionary War to see.

After living and growing up in such an environment, it’s no wonder that the people of New Jersey are so great. They are everything you would expect from them, far from being a failure of their amazing home state. They cultivate values that anyone would wish for their children. They value intelligence, they work hard, and they try to make their surroundings a wonderful place for them and their kids alike. While this, to some readers, may make them sound weak, that’s certainly not true, as they’re generally brave and strong individuals.

Living in NJ is also fun

But, enough with being serious all the time. Living in NJ with small kids is also fun! We’ll begin with food, as (as we can all agree) food is very fun. Lots of Italian-American people live in New Jersey, and they still remember the old family recipes for authentic Italian pizza. In other words, there aren’t many places where you’ll find pizza this good. Dining options are delicious too, as many well-known chefs from all over America (including exquisite chefs from Philadelphia and New York) have opened their restaurants there.

And if you’re looking for shopping opportunities, the good news just don’t stop for you! New Jersey is, in fact, famous for its extremely well-supplied shopping malls. However, that’s not what’s really interesting, as rich malls can be found all over the USA. What makes NJ special are the now dying mom & pop shops. These small, unpretentious shops, filled with humble but strong feeling in the air, are becoming a relic of the past. Not in New Jersey! If all of this didn’t make you want to hire the services of NJ’s top moving company and move there with your small kids, then this state is definitely not for you. However, think again, as it might be just the state for your children.

One of the best states in the USA

Be it great opportunities for your child’s intellectual development, be it equally great opportunities to have fun, living in NJ with small kids will greatly increase their chances of becoming exceptional people. If you’re a good parent, then they probably already have good chances, but why not increase them a lot more?

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