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Download test files to test your download speed

Author: John Newman
by John Newman
Posted: Aug 15, 2019
If you are looking to download large test files you may want to have a look at's handy page for generating and downloading test files. Large test files can be useful for a range of purpouses including testing your download speed and testing application or network solutions. You can use test files download to see how fast your download speed would be in reality compared to what your broadband provider is offering you. You can also test how fast your local network is by sending the files between devices on your home network and monitoring the speed. You can even test your Wifi speed in the same way. Test files can also be used in application testing, let's imagine you need to test how your application or website handles uploads of different sizes of files. You may have defined an upload limit and what to check that the limit is being honoured. You can download two test files - one below the acceptable file size limit and another one that is above the file size limit. you can the attempt the upload using both the files and check that the result matches that you are expecting to see. The link above allows you to both download files over the network as well as generate files on the fly within your browser. Developers and testers love the generation tool as it let's then generate large files much quicker than you would be able to download them over the network. This allows them to get their job done quicker and more efficiently. The generation feature is really uninque, there are no other pages that allow local file generation rather than huge file downloads over the wire. It's innovations such as this that keep Fastest.Fish at the forefront of my mind when I am dealing with files online. What is Fastest.Fish? Fastest.Fish is a sevice that allows you to transfer large files between devices using a peer to peer connection. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transfer your large files. Their users love it because it does not require you to download any software and the data transfers are secure to the peer to peer nature of the file transfer. Fastest.Fish has become an expert in dealing with large files within the browser, that's why the test files page is so useful to it's users. From reading the about page you can see that the whole website and transfer tool is developed by a single person which is an impressive feat to acomplish on your own. A lot of work has gone into the product over time, you can especially see this if you view the site's history in The Way Back Machine to see how the site has evolved over the years. It started as a very basic single page upload tool and has evolved with the users that have helped shape the site with their feedback over the years. The site has now been around for over 3 years and is growing with traffic every month according to SimilarWeb. Next time you need some test files or to transfer large files think of Fastest.Fish.
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As a fan of I wanted to share some of the great tools that the site offers to hopefully help some users be more productive.

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Author: John Newman

John Newman

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