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5 Essential Qualities required to Master Ashtanga yoga teacher Training

Author: Aym Goa
by Aym Goa
Posted: Aug 15, 2019

In the landscape of yoga, there are numerous styles of yoga; each style offers something unique to the practitioner, which resonates with his/her body, mind, and soul. For me, it was when I first practice the series of Ashtanga yoga in my Bali yoga retreat. And I was drawn towards it; it made me realize that I don't have to be too much flexible or of athletic build. It was a practice that leads me to the freedom of the mind from all the aversion, build my strength and my health.

Embracing yoga for your wellness is an excellent choice for you, but when you decide to leap a yoga teacher, then it takes lot then it looks.

So when I decided to learn more and more about Ashtanga yoga, then I narrowed down on the choices of places Where I can learn Ashtanga yoga. In India, Mysore is famous for Ashtanga yoga, but after taking retreat in Bali, I decided to set for Goa ( for my love of beaches) which of course seems best to me.

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India is much cheaper when it comes to yoga teacher training, and also it was a one-month extensive course rather than a short term course, which of course gave me a better insight into it's teaching.

And now that I have completed my 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training course in Goa, I can be finally able to pass some judgments on it that what it take to become a better Ashtanga yoga teacher and master this art.

Make yourself a student:

Guru or teacher is the most crucial person in the life of a disciple. He/she make a significant impact on their student's life. A good practitioner should be a good student also that should be someone who should be ready to take on new challenges. We were thoroughly taught that while training your students, we should be open to learning any further modification of asanas. Now I can easily understand what they mean; when we got the chance to assist classes, I was thoroughly guided by the teacher that how should I can make my students comfortable with the sequence of Ashtanga yoga.

Passion and Dedication:

For master the art of Ashtanga yoga, dedication is the key. Initially, I was very intrigued by the sequence, but later on, I become tired of it because I was doing it every day, and our body was aching from regular practice. And I think it was happening with everybody then beaches of Goa become the savior of me. Long meditating hours along the shores of Goa made me realize my purpose, and I decided to commit myself towards my training and my trainer and voila soon I was able to practice every sequence of ashtanga easily. I let go of every little knowledge I had about Ashtanga and Dedicated myself to my training.

Commit to your practice:

Everything in your life needs commitment, whether you are doing a job or anything in your life. It is the same with yoga asana. This was the best thing about 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training, and this made me committed towards my goal. Later on, I become fully committed to my practice of Ashtanga yoga. And, every day on my mat become a unique experience for me. It felt like I was connecting to my inner self, and every breath I was taking was doing wonderfully in my body. I think related to my Pran energy, and it felt liberating. Though I also have on and off days yet at the end of the journey become comfortable, and I was able to explore myself beyond my limitations.


Learning and mastering the art of Ashtanga yoga is not an easy task; it takes a lot of courage and persistence. It is not something you can learn and master in a day or two. It tests your patience and effort. My patience level was checked a lot of times, but I was not ready to give up quickly as I came to Goa for a purpose. When I thought like giving up, I used to do meditation as meditation is an integral part of every yoga training. There was the day when I used to go on beaches for practice that's helps a lot to complete my training, and it pays well to me.

Manage your time:

Okay, I know that most of the people who came India wants to explore this beautiful country, and Goa is considered as a hub for the tourist destination. Most people like me went on a tourist visa that also enables us to explore the beautiful and charming aura of India. But I have planned my schedule accordingly so that I can take my classes and also explore the city. Moreover, Sunday was fixed for an outing, so training becomes easy. Also, my love for yoga and my hunger to learn more and more about Ashtanga yoga never let me skip my classes. When I first applied for ashtanga yoga teacher training, I have thoroughly checked the schedule, duration of courses, and everything. It made everything easy.

I remember the purpose of the visit that let me stay put and the discipline I learned in this training was the best Thing of training.


It was an experience that was worthy of so much time I have dedicated. I learned so much of the eightfold path of Ashtanga, Meditation, pranayama, and vegetarian food.

Now I can perform ashtanga yoga primary series effortlessly and confidently. Also, I can do some modification in the sequence of vinyasa yoga.

Must say that coming to India for my yoga training was the best and magical experience. It was an authentic and magical experience that takes me to the new heights in my practice; after the end of this training, I am so much grateful to my previous self for making this decision.

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Aym Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga School, offering 200, 300 & 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, and Rishikesh, India.

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