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Environmental Benefits of ‘Green’ Cement

Author: Shefali Singh
by Shefali Singh
Posted: Aug 15, 2019
navrattan green

Navrattan Green Crete is a revolutionary innovation in the Cement industry. It is an Eco-friendly alternative to carbon-producing Portland Cement. The cement is a completely new and innovative technology in construction materials in India. A sustainable and superior alternative concrete which does not pollute and is less expensive than Portland Cement. The patented technology is a proprietary binder derived through a species of algae and a guarded extraction process which ultimately transforms an enzyme of the algae into a highly concentrated elastic polymeric powder. The magic of this cement polymer is that it binds by covalent bonding which is a joining of 2 atoms when the two share a pair of electrons. The Portland cement concrete works best in mass and provides great compressive strength, but has little Tensile strength. This limitation is overcome with Navrattan Green Crete cement.


Navrattan Green Cement is an ‘Organic’ cement. It is an ecological friendly as it uses a proprietary binder derived through a species of algae and follows a guarded extraction process which ultimately transforms an enzyme of the algae into a highly concentrated Elastic Polymeric powder.

Navrattan Green Cement is a first of its kind company in India to introduce an innovative technology in construction materials. This new technology will open gates to widespread development which will benefit the individuals, builders, businesses, governments and a Nation as a whole.

Structural Qualities
  • Navrattan Green Crete has a higher compressive and tensile strength, stronger, and requires significantly less energy to produce as compared to Portland cement thus leaving a substantially smaller carbon footprint.
  • Navrattan Green Crete meets and exceeds all the same testing standards like OPC and excels in every category.
  • Green cement works efficiently in low-temperature regions.
  • The cement is Hydrophobic and completely stops oxidation therefore highly resistant to water, acids, corrosion, sulfates and more.
  • Navrattan Green Crete gives the cement super-insulating abilities no matter what aggregate is used — including cellulose or rock.
  • High-performance green buildings built with green materials use less, waste less and produce less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional buildings.
  • Navrattan Crete is an absolutely ‘Green’ cement.
  • Navrattan Green Cement’s manufacturing process is completely natural which involves no mining.
  • The product has higher strength, durability, and elasticity which makes the concrete everlasting and low maintenance.
  • The cement has come up with certain formulas where Saltwater or even Wastewater can be effectively used at places where fresh water is not in abundance.
  • The buildings constructed with Navrattan Green Cement is sustainable and forever.
  • The manufacturing process of Navrattan Green Crete does not involve the use of large energy-intensive kilns which makes it cost-effective.
  • Navrattan Green Cement requires significantly less energy to produce, thus leaving a substantially smaller carbon footprint.

The whole idea, research and development of the product was initiated by Mr. Himansh Verma, the Founder & Chairman of Navrattan Group. Mr. Verma is a young entrepreneur and a visionary who has dedicated his life to innovating alternative energy resources.

The technology will not only change the way we build but will also change the way we think about nature and the environment. The material is manufactured under a process that results in the reduction of greenhouse gases. This resource-saving process not only produces greener and more sustainable concrete mixes but also, stronger and more durable concrete products.

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