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7 Important Tips for Product Photography

Author: Aarti Rane
by Aarti Rane
Posted: Aug 16, 2019

Selling your products on leading websites may be your goal but you have to make sure that the products that you hop to dispatch via eBay or Amazon are of the finest quality. Unfortunately, the prospective clients would not be able to see or touch the products physically and you will have to rely on the services of a superior product photographer Atlanta for obtaining the desired results.

While you would have to provide the said company or lathe the hired photographer with the actual products, you would also have to discuss how best to represent them so that the items become more saleable online.

Guidelines for ecommerce photography:

  1. Backdrop- Ask the professional to utilize only white space or have a neutral colored wall as the backdrop to your products so that the visitor’s eyes do not wander elsewhere, distracting the mind in the process.
  2. Surface- You surely cannot afford to have the camera move or shake while in the midst of capturing the image. Ask the photographer to place his tripod on a flat surface such as a study table or prop it up with the aid of books or something that can hold the camera steadily without causing any loss of focus.
  3. File Size- You would have to transfer the product images to the seller. So, remember to ask for a large sized file with the maximum clarity. You surely would not want the visitors to zoom the image and be looking at a blurred picture. Besides, all the top online stores prefer to accept images of a particular resolution and size so that the errors get minimized.
  4. No Flash Please! Yes! It is a known fact that using the flash can capture bright images. However, nix this quality when it comes to photographing products. Ensure to use soft, diffused lights instead of utilizing a harsh flash. This will help to keep the glares in control with little or no shadows marring the margins of the product image.
  5. Frame Full- You aspire to sell your product online. Do not deter to capture it in totality therefore. Make sure that the entire frame is filled with the productplaced right at the center. Having other things popping up in the corner I likely to create a bad impression. Ask your photographer to concentrate wholly on the product and fill up the frame with a single image so that the would-be customers can take a proper look at it.
  6. Scale- It might be a trifle difficult for the visitor to get an idea of the true size of your product. Sure, you can add the measurements in the description but even then, most visitors would be doubtful about its actual size. The best way to provide them with the right size would be to add a ruler or any other measuring device besides the image, revealing its true measure.
  7. Details- Details certainly matter. You have to look for an ecommerce photography service in Atlanta that captures the size, brightness, colors and other details of your product most realistically. Review the image if necessary and ask the pros to reshoot if required.

Author Bio:

EtherArts Product Photography was started in May 2007 by Ms. Aarti, to provide low cost, high resolution white background product photography. We offer great images at low prices. Also available are Volume Discounts on already lowered prices. Our services are recommended by many of our clients in various industries, like Jewelry, products, handbags, cosmetics, Industrial and many more. Let us help your business too!

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EtherArts Product Photography was started in May 2007 by Ms. Aarti, to provide low cost, high resolution white background product photography.

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Author: Aarti Rane

Aarti Rane

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