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How much storage (disk space) you need for a website

Author: John Disk
by John Disk
Posted: Aug 17, 2019
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Web storage, disk space and web space are the common terms and use for same purpose. Disk space depends on your hosting plan which one you choose. It refers to the amount of space provided by your hosting provider on its physical server for your website. In disk space all of your files related to your site like database, images, text files, videos. Are stored on hosting servers. Disk space can be measured in kilobyte, megabyte, and gigabyte.

Is 100 GB WebSpace is enough for a website?

This is a common question most of the users were asked. The amount of web space depends on your site content and files. If you already have a raw site with all of the content images and video then you can easily calculate what quantity you needed. Check out the total size of those files in your hard drive it’s give you an approx. estimate of disk space needed to you.

Some extra files to calculate

In addition to these files, you need some extra space for backend features and plugin installations such as themes, contact forms, user emails. 100 GB web space is more than enough for a normal webpage. It only use 3 to 5mb of disk space now you can imagine how many pages you can upload.

If you have a normal or high data requirement site. Which have 5 to 100 pages and a decent amount of content, images with average traffic. The required size of disk space is depends on you. How much data are uploading in it.

Web space need for e-commerce sites

Most of the times e-commerce sites require lots of disk space. because they have lots of traffic images content and user generated data such as user information and accounts, shopping cart plugins, payment gateways user reviews etc. but at an extent, 100 GB web space still be sufficient for an average e-commerce site.

Disk space need for Blogging sites

Blogging does not require lots of web space due to the low data files they do not requires so many plugins images and user info.

If you are starting a blog then 5 GB of web space is sufficient for you. In future if you require more, than you can easily upgrade it any time.

How do I save my disk space?

We all know that web hosting with unlimited disk space have high prices so we have to manage our disk space to save money.

  • Image optimization - Size of the original image is more than it needed on your site. So it's better to optimize it before posting on site. You can easily find out lots of image compression tools on the internet which are free to use compress your image as possible as you can. It not only save your disk space with also it increase your site speed.

Delete old and junked images by the period of time some images on the web doesn't mean or upgraded images are on the internet replace them or delete them.

  • Database optimization – By the period of time some files or folder get damaged and corrupt in your database they are wastage of your disk space clean them.
  • Delete not in use themes and plugin – From the beginning and till now you have changed your themes lots of time. Themes and plugin which are not in use are engaging some space in your disk so check them out.
Final thoughts

Most of the hosting companies offers you unlimited disk space with their basic plan. You don’t have to worry. You can check and compare many web hosting comparision easily.

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I am john disk a professional blogger and tech enthusiast. currently working in a SEO company.

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