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A client with brain injury - What are the responsibilities of the attorney?

Author: Trudy Seeger
by Trudy Seeger
Posted: Aug 18, 2019
brain injury

Hiring the services of an attorney becomes a necessity in the event there is a brain injury, and it requires that you address few legalities as well. In this write-up, let us find out what you can expect from the attorney that you hire for the same in the paragraphs that follow.

Norms and legalities

In most of the states in the US, including Los Angeles, there are a particular set of rules that govern how the attorneys have to operate. These norms dictate the attorney-client interpersonal relationship and emphasize on the duties of the attorneys and rights of their clients. In most of the cases, the rules are laid down in "codified forms"

What happens for workers’ compensation in brain injury?

If you talk about workers' compensation in the event of brain injury while on duty, the rules are state-specific, and each state has a unique workers' compensation law. Generally, the procedures of the cases are set up in special tribunals.

Being a brain injury attorney, if you are not confident about getting justice for your client, you must not take the responsibility of the case. Also, if the rules about case hearings and compensation rules are not something that the attorney has expertise in, he must not take up the case.

Aside from being well versed in the legal rules, the attorney must also know about the nuances of brain injury. Thus they can tackle the case in a proper manner, which will also increase the chances of getting compensation for the client.

How to settle for the right brain injury lawyer?

Before hiring the right brain attorney Los Angeles firm or an individual for claiming compensation for brain injury, you must get accurate answers to the following-

  1. Find out the number of cases the attorney has handled the one that is similar to yours.
  2. Whether or not the lawyer is an expert in dealing with cases related to brain injury trauma or handles other areas of legalities too.
  3. Whether or not the attorney representing you is associated with the brain injury association of Los Angeles
  4. Publications on brain injury, if any
  5. Awards and accolades for excellent contribution to the field

However, what matters is whether or not the brain injury attorney can handle the case or not.

Just as you have the right to select a brain injury lawyer, similarly, a lawyer has the right to accept or reject your case.

What circumstances can make your attorney reject your case?

Find out the situations when your lawyer will not take up your case-

  • If you were on the wrong or you defied any rules of operation while on duty due to which you suffered injuries
  • If the lawyer finds out that you are hopping from one attorney to another and trying to assess the outcome from different lawyers
  • You do not require an attorney since the injury is not grave
  • The expense you have to incur is not worth hiring a lawyer

In a nutshell, the primary duties of the brain injury attorney include-

  • Hearing out your case carefully and in-depth
  • Analyzing the case- studying the circumstances, applying the laws that govern the accidents and to find out whether or not your client is eligible or not
  • Assessing the rights of the client

You must note that conveying the terms and conditions that will govern the proceedings of the case. The lawyer will also let you know how much compensation you are entitled to.

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