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Is it possible to get enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan if someone has ESRD?

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Aug 15, 2019

Before knowing the answer to this question first you have to know and learn how to specify this type of disease. The full meaning of this short form is an end-stage renal disease. end-stage renal disease is the last stage of chronic kidney diseases which basically means that of kidney failure. In such time when a patient’s kidneys fail, it means that they have stopped working in such a manner for that the patient cannot easily survive without dialysis process implementation for a kidney transplant.

What are the ways that are exactly open to search a person

Any person who is dealing with this type of disease and also was formal of a health plan that is no longer being offered to the beneficiaries in the area in which that person particular leaves can make one election to enroll to get into another for new Medicare advantage plans.

ESRD is basically a chronic condition of the kidney which results from temporary to even permanent damage to one or both kidneys. This damage is up to such an extent that it usually results in loss of total kidney function that can eventually lead to the failure of renal procedure of the human body.

the patients with such type of the disease are also eligible for Medicare under some circumstances. But also one thing is to be known that under federal law Medicare advantage plan usually are not able to accept anyone who has end-stage renal disease unless the individual who is seeking for Medicare advantage plan in such type of situation has fulfilled some certain conditions or criteria.

The conditions that are required for the individual to have in order to get enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan within stage renal disease:

Number 1

An individual who is facing such type of disease is able to submit the proper documentation that he or she is the receiver of a successful kidney transplant and further dialysis is not required by him or her to be taken.

Number 2

Then secondly it has to be of a certain condition that the individual has begun dialysis treatment for in stage renal disease but recovered after some period with natural kidney function and no longer is in need of a regular course of dialysis to live which means that the kidneys are back into function in such an extent that the human body is able to perform without having regular dialysis.

Number 3

There can be also a Medicare advantage plan provided to such a person who has developed the end-stage renal disease while already being a member of a health plan by a Medicare advantage organization.

Number 4

Search a person who has developed in stage renal disease after occurring of such an event that he or she has already signed the enrollment form but even before the effective date of Medicare advantage plan the disease has emerged.

Number 5

And the final reason is that the individual while being a running member of a commercial health plan which is offered by authorized Medicare advantage plan providing organization and that person is willing to switch over to another Medicare advantage plan.

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