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FieldAP: A Digitized Platform for Designing Offshore Activities

Author: Khaled Syfullah
by Khaled Syfullah
Posted: Aug 21, 2019
offshore engineering

Planning is the topmost importance in case of any offshore engineering work. As often offshore engineering works, for example, mining gas and oil from subsea and deep-sea involves a huge investment, it is required to integrate all of the work processes in an easy and understandable manner. But to be accurate, this planning is the toughest job of all works involved. From designing offshore activities to making it live it constitutes an involvement of manpower, money, planning, systems engineering, production and finally disbursing the natural assets to the consumer. This enormous work requires heavy planning from its starting to till its ending throughout the project phase. But the matter of regret, there are very few digitized platforms that can make all of the processes easier and here comes FieldAP(Field Activity Planner).

FieldAP is a cloud-based software solution that lets you use the advanced technology to integrate all of the workforces, collaborate between teams, communicate between various parties involved and designing, planning in 2D and 3D work environment. In a word, it integrates all of the offshore use cases that maximize revenue.

Now I am going to describe the features of FieldAP that allows its users to maximize the revenue.

  • Field Layout Module

There is a field layout module in FieldAP that allows you to quickly drag and drop to design your field activity. You can also make a copy of the old layout and put it in the browser that allows you to create a layout within no time. You can connect several layouts at a time by drawing like a simple line. Easy and fast process.

  • Asset Library Management

There is a generic library of all assets that generally used in offshore engineering works. These assets are smart and contain engineering specifications, costing involved and can connect to backend software and other algorithms.

If you fail to find your desired assets in the library, you can create and specify new assets. Creating a new asset automatically will be added to the library and you can use them in the future if you feel the need of.

  • Project Dashboard

After logging in on your project dashboard, you can easily the projects you want to work with. All of the available projects under one company will be shown and you can choose. Among the projects under a single company, the top 4 will be shown as a card(the latest updated or worked one!!). You will also have a list of all of the projects from where you can enter in any specific project and start working immediately. But before proceeding, you have to have given access by the administrator. So, security is ensured in all phases of the work.

  • Administration and Security

The project administrator can control who can view, work and modify the project details and so on. The administrator will add new users, who will be invited through official email and later he can log in and start working. There is also token-based authentication in case of cellphone users. The created data points and users information are encrypted to maintain security. In each and every case, the designated user can only work in projects he/she is allowed to do.

  • Collaboration and Communication

By using FieldAP, the users and teams can collaborate with each other and communicate using real-time video conferencing. As the users or team members can see the same data in a real time window, so it is easier than ever to communicate. In other words, there is no point of miscommunication in FieldAP.So, the possibility of mismanagement and failure reduces drastically.

  • Customer Support

The business method of FutureON(the company that supplies FieldAP) is customer-centric and FutureON always there to solve any problem either it is technological or others. So, you are getting relentless support from their end which will help you to better understand the process and make your project a revenue gainer.

As the offshore engineering works involves various types of risks, so it is the proper planning that can reduce the risks of working, cut the associated costs and maximize the revenue of an offshore engineering company. Planning, designing, workforce and asset management are the vital works and there should have real-time monitors to check each and every process before it goes live. Moreover, checking the functionality of each and every program and progress and comparing with other possible solutions is necessary. FieldAP; the integrated cloud-based software can reduce the overall cost, minimize the risk and increase the profitability of your engineering works by ensuring proper design, communication and management of assets and workforce.

About the Author

Khaled Syfullah is a professional Civil Engineer, worked in many international projects. He is a passionate writer and loves to write about new technology and their application in humans life.

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