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What is AngularJS?

Author: First Enquiry
by First Enquiry
Posted: Aug 25, 2019
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What is AngularJS?

  • AngularJS is a client side Javascript MVC structure to develop a dynamic web application. AngularJS was initially begun as a venture in Google however now, it is open source system.
  • AngularJS is completely founded on HTML and Javascript,so there is no compelling reason to become familiar with another punctuation or language.
  • AngularJS changes static HTML to dynamic HTML.It broadens the capacity of HTML by including worked in characteristics and parts and furthermore gives a capacity to make custom properties utilizing basic JavaScript.

AngularJS Example

Coming up next is a straightforward AngularJS model that changes a mark to whatever you type in the textbox.

AngularJS Example :

  • p>
    • Enter Your Name :

    Hello, label ng-bind="name">

    The above example is plain HTML code with couple of AngularJS directives (attributes)

    • such as ng-app, ng-model, and ng-bind.

    The same  task can be accomplished using jQuery with more lines of code,as shown below.

    jQuery Example  :

    • p>
      • p>
      Enter Your Name :


      $(document).ready (function ()  {

      • lblName').text($('#txtName').val());



      Therefore, AngularJS incorporates worked in characteristics utilizing which we can build the efficiency.

      Advantages of AngularJS

      *Open source Javascript MVC framework.

      *Supported by Google

      *No need to learn another scripting language.It is just pure Javascript and HTML.

      • Supports partition of worries by utilizing MVC configuration design.

      *Built-in attributes(directives)makes HTML dynamic.

      *Easy to extend and customize.

      *Supports Single Page Application.

      *Uses Dependency Injection.

      *Easy to Unit test.

      *REST friendly. Allows arrangement AngularJS improvement condition in the following segment.

      Setup AngularJS Development Environment.

      We need the accompanying instruments to arrangement an improvement situation for AngularJS

      1. AngularJS Library
      2. Editor/IDE
      3. Browser
      4. Web server

      Supervisor AngularJS is in the end HTML and JavaScript code.So you can introduce any great editorial manager/IDE according to your decision.The following editors are recommended

      • Sublime Text

      *Aptana Studio 3

      *Ultra Edit


      *Visual Studio

      • p>
      Online Editor

      • You can likewise utilize the accompanying on the web editors for learning reason.



      We are using our own online code editor for all the AngularJS examples.

      Web server

      Utilize any web server, for example, IIS,apache etc.,locally for improvement reason.


      • You can introduce any program of your decision as AngularJS supports cross-program compatibility.However,it is prescribed to utilize Google Chrome while building up an application.

      Angular Seed

      • Use Angular seed project to quickly get started on AngularJS application.The Angular-seed is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web application. You can utilize it to rapidly bootstrap your precise webapp ventures and advancement condition for your undertaking.
      • Download angular-seed.

      Allows arrangement Angular venture in Visual Studio 2013 for web.

      Setup AngularJS Project in Visual Studio

      • You can make AngularJS application in any rendition of Visual Studio.Here,we will utilize Visual Studio 2013 for web.

      First,create new project by clicking on New Project link.This will open New Project dialog box,as shown below.

      Select Web in the left sheet and ASP.NET Web Application in the center sheet and after that snap alright.

      In the New ASP.NET Project dialog box,select Empty template and then click ok for further process.

      This will make an unfilled site venture in Visual Studio.

      Now,install AngularJS library from NuGet bundle manager.Right click on the venture in Solution Explorer and select Manage NuGet Packages.

      Quest for "AngularJS" in the oversee NuGet Packages discourse box and introduce AngularJS Core.

      This will include AngularJS records into Scripts organizer, for example, angular.js,angular.min.js, and Angular mocks.js, as demonstrated as follows.

      Now,you can start writing AngularJS web application.

      Make a basic AngularJS application and comprehend fundamental structure squares of AngularJS,in the following area.

      First AngularJS Application

      • We should make a basic AngularJS web application well ordered and comprehend the essential structure squares of AngularJS.

      First,create an HTML document with and elements,as shown below.

      Example : HTML Template

      • p>
        • p>
        Include angular.js file in the head section (you have learned how to download angular library in the previous section).

        You can take a reference from the CDN also.(all the example in this tutorial will use CDN reference.)

        Example : Include AngularJS Library

        • p>
        First AngularJS Application

        • p>
          • Here,we will make a straightforward multiplier application which will duplicate two numbers and show the result.User will enter two numbers in two separate textboxes and the outcome will be shown immediately,as demonstrated as follows
          • Template In AngularJS, a format is HTML with extra markups.AngularJS orders layouts and renders the resultant HTML.
          • Directive Mandates are markers (traits) on a DOM component that advise AngularJS to append a particular conduct to that DOM component or even change the DOM component and its kids.
          • A large portion of the orders in AngularJS are beginning with ng.It represents Angular.We have connected ng-application and ng-model mandate in the above model.

          ng-application :The ng-application order is a beginning point.If AngularJS system discovers ng-application mandate anyplace in the HTML report then it bootstraps (introduces) itself and orders the HTML format.

          ng-model :The ng-model order ties HTML component to a property on the $scope object.You will find out about this model later yet for the time being given us a chance to think about this as a model property.

          • In the above example,we have included ng-model directive to both the textboxes with different names Num1 and Num2.AngularJS framework will create two properties called Num1 and Num2 in the scope and will assign a value that we type into textboxes.

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