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How much do electrician apprentices make?

Author: Khaled Syfullah
by Khaled Syfullah
Posted: Aug 22, 2019
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There is a huge demand for electricians and related works. If you can get proper licensed training (both theoretical and practical), complete four years of apprenticeship and obtain your license for doing professional works, then you can expect a good raise in your salary.

But four years of apprenticeship is a long time. In this apprenticeship period, you need to support your family and you need to have a good pay. But what is the current practice?How much does apprentice electrician make per hour? That’s the question, vital for an electrician working as apprentice and today we will answer the question.

Factors of Per Hour Pay

There are some factors that can affect per hour payment for an electrician apprentice. The factors could be summarised as follows:

  • Location of work is important. For example, an apprentice working in Los Angles may make a different amount of per hour money than an apprentice working in Colorado.
  • Experience as an apprentice: An electrician apprentice who is working for 3 years may get higher pay than an apprentice with one year of experience.
  • Field of Work: Salary may vary based on the type and field of work. For example, salary for outside electrical line works and salary for residential electrical works apprentice may vary. Moreover, for the risky works, the payment is higher than the usual works. For example, payment for commercial works may be higher than the payment for residential works.

How much an apprentice electrician does make regardless of location?

As location can vary, we will not consider the location factor for calculating the average salary an apprentice electrician. We are going to distribute the pay based on the field of work and experience of the apprentice.

Outside Lineman Apprentice: Apprentice who works outside as lineman gets higher than the others. In general, a licensed lineman electrician gets around $50/hour and the apprentice gets around 60% of what his boss gets. So, a lineman apprentice may expect to get around $30 per hour.

Inside Wireman Apprentice: For the commercial works done by the inside wiring works, the licensed electrician gets around $43 per hour and the apprentice gets around 50% of $43 i.e. around $20. Commercial works include installing power system, lines, electrical panels and other machinery related electrical works.

Residential Wireman Apprentice: For residential wiring works, a licensed electrician gets around $32/ hour on average and the apprentice gets 50% of the licensed electrician. So, an electrician apprentice can expect to make $16 per hour.

Although the payment for an apprentice electrician varies around 50-60% for a new apprentice, but for the experienced apprentice may get up to 90% of what a licensed electrician gets. Moreover, having a good experience, having affiliation with good companies, having training may also increase the salary of the apprentice. After all, its all about the quality of an apprentice, that will decide the pay.

About the Author

Khaled Syfullah is a professional Civil Engineer, worked in many international projects. He is a passionate writer and loves to write about new technology and their application in humans life.

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