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Benefits of Ice Therapy for Knees

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Aug 26, 2019

Ice therapy (cold therapy) is one of the best remedies for healing pain resulting from trauma to the knee joint. It is beneficial for speedy pain relief due to knee injuries and surgeries. Ice therapy is best delivered using an ice machine for the knee.

Ice Therapy for Knees

Ice therapy is the application of freezing temperatures to heal orthopedic pain. The freezing temperature helps to bring down inflammation by temporarily stopping the blood supply to the site of application. As the inflammation begins to reduce; patients can begin to experience pain relief.

Uses and benefits –

Ice therapy can help patients regain range of motions in their knee joint post knee replacement surgery. It not only provides quick relief from pain but also helps them to begin their physical therapy without any delay.

Ice therapy can also reduce knee pain resulting from ligament tears, fractures, and other types of injuries to the joint.

Speedy pain relief and recovery help patients to not rely on pain-relieving medicines for their healing. As it is; pain-reducing pills only offer a temporary reprieve. Excessive use of these pills can be addictive and thus harmful in the long run. On the other hand, ice therapy is a natural remedy without any side effects.

Administering Ice Therapy to the Knee Joint

For ice therapy to show effective results, it is essential to deliver it optimally. Ice packs; traditionally used for ice therapy, are really not ideal for the purpose. Ice packs can melt and drip water over incisions; increasing the risk of post-operative infections. Ice packs are also uneven and do not allow for efficient delivery of freezing temperatures deep inside the injured tissues. It is also not convenient to hold ice packs over the knee joint multiple times a day; for long stretches of time.

An ice machine for knee joints helps in the safe and perfect delivery of ice therapy. For instance, IsoComforter ice machines are made using patented Iso tube technology. The use of this advanced technology helps in the most efficient delivery of ice therapy.

You can administer ice therapy as per your doctor’s recommendations. One healing session can be of 15-20 minutes in duration. For healing severe pain, you might need 2-3 such ice therapy sessions in a day.

To use an ice machine for knee, you need to first fill the tank with ice and water. Then you can sit in a comfortable position and wrap the healing pad around the affected knee joint. Once you switch on the machine, the cold water will begin to flow from the tank to the healing pad.

It is best to use ice machines with healing pads designed especially for knees. For instance, IsoComforter healing pads for the knees offer ice therapy from all sides rather than just one. You also have the option to use sterilized or non-sterilized IsoComforter healing pads as per your requirements. It is best to use sterilized healing pads over incisions. IsoComforter healing pads also have ridges for optimal skin contact.

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