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Top Indications that Your Business Needs ERP Software

Author: Raju Shahi
by Raju Shahi
Posted: Aug 30, 2019

Has an accounting period become the most troublesome period of the year for you? And it’s absorbing too much of your valuable time that could have been utilized in other important business activities? Or, is it that your sales forecasts and risk predictions are based on mere hit and trials than the concrete figures.

If your business is facing complexities in keeping up the order volume? You are losing valuable leads as a result. If you have little or no idea about what’s coming in stock, how much stock you are holding and which item is selling fast, then, it’s high time for you to make a smart move!

These may be the top signs that your business needs to shed its legacy software and switch to enterprise-ready ERP software.

Discover here the indications your business wants you to understand and act smartly to combat the lags with intelligent enterprise-ready ERP software.

1. Lack of Integrity in your Business Functions

Are you using different software for closing your financial tasks or using the other for monitoring sales and keeping a track of every sale leads or customer interaction? Do your employees use HRMS software to log details and processing tax and payroll? ERP software integrates all these systems and does this well. With consolidated information, ERP breaks up the information silos and helps all business users to make decisions faster and accurately.

2. Getting the Real-time Data Urgently is a Next to Impossible Task

Be it wanting to know the top sales employee in the current financial year, or, to know the real-time sales analysis, your total order value, top taxable items, performance metrics of an employee, etc. – Are you able to have it all anytime anywhere?

Is it possible to have complete insight on sales order and orders till date? For companies that rely on separate systems or book accounting software have to constantly struggle with correcting data or diving deep to get the information found in the first place. Why struggle so hard to get the information?

With an ERP solution in place, it’s easy to get a holistic view of business at any time. For example, sales representatives will be able to view any related promotions or discounts or track customer history anytime, anywhere.

3. Inventory Tracking has become the Most Daunting Task of all Times

Tracking inventory is often the real challenge and people dealing in this area are always seen juggling to have consolidated data now and then. With SAP Business One software, you can access all the inventory related information on the fly. This will not only save you from out-of-stock situations but will also help you analyze the items causing customer reps and market dynamics. This way you can make strategic decisions benefits the business and anticipate accordingly.

4. Still relying on excel Sheets for everything

Excel undoubtedly, is a great tool – But, if you are still relying on the same for your advanced company needs, you definitely missing on something very important. And that's Accuracy and precision – the two all the more important things to take the mission-critical decisions for your business.

SAP Business One can provide you the best of everything when it comes to managing all business functionalities like sales, finance, production, customer orders, etc.

So, now that you know – all the challenges you are facing now can very well be sorted using the robust SAP Business One software, what are you waiting for? Get your Business Automated today!

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Raju Shahi is a guest blogger and digital marketer with several years of experience in the industry. He likes to help businesses stay informed and up to date with established and emerging technologies like SAP Business One, IoT, AI and Cloud...

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